More Proof that Lasers Work

Theradome Laser Helmet
A laser helmet for hair growth.

It seems like lasers are the new Botox. Every year sees new cosmetic and medical human applications for both. Botox is truly a miracle poison, and it looks like laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is a miracle form of radiation. It  keeps on giving unique benefits at different wavelength bands.

Lasers for Hair Growth and Much More

For a long time, scientists have been using laser devices to regrow scalp hair as well as for body hair removal. The latter has become an especially popular procedure at hair removal clinics around the world.

Make sure to check out my posts on laser wavelength and hair growth as well as fractional lasers and hair growth. Low-level laser (light) therapy is here to stay in the hair loss world.

In the latest development, it seems like lasers can regenerate teeth. And LASIK laser eye surgery is now a mainstay offerring from most eye surgeons and ophthalmologists.

Twenty years ago, who would have guessed that a poison (Botox), radiation (lasers) and an illegal drug (marijuana) would be in the news all the time. Due to their abilities to cure or ameliorate so many of our ailments.

I had previously written about my skepticism when in comes to the effectiveness of low level laser therapy (LLLT) on scalp hair regrowth. However, I have often heard of the strange phenomenon of laser hair removal sometimes leading to an increase in terminal body hair.

This makes me think that laser light therapy could also have a positive impact on scalp hair growth. I am now becoming more of a believer in lasers.

4 thoughts on “More Proof that Lasers Work”

  1. when you say 2020, are you referring to “in lab” cure, right?
    how long until clinical trials are done, and HL become something of the past.

  2. I am predicting a cure by 2020 where the treatment is available for public use (so not just in a lab). The cure may not necessarily be approved in the US and Western Europe, but in Asia, approval processes and trials will run faster. Even in the US, there are various companies that have already passed phase I trials (e.g., Histogen currently undertaking phase II trials).

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