PolarityTE’s SkinTE Grows Hair in Test Patient

I have covered PolarityTE (original ticker symbol “COOL”) and its SkinTE product a number of times on this blog in the recent past. Make sure to read my original post about the company from last year.

The SkinTE product is meant to regenerate skin and help burn victims and others with damaged skin. However, there is also a potential application for a hair growth product down the road. For more on the latter, read the second half of my post from earlier this year.

PolarityTE has always maintained that its SkinTE product can regenerate damaged skin that also comes with intact new hair follicles. They even updated their site with the below image of a balding head a few months ago. In addition to mentioning the potential future application of SkinTE to treat hair loss.

PolarityTE Skin and Hair Regeneration.
PolarityTE Skin and Hair Regeneration. Source: Company Website.

PolarityTE Gets Positive Feedback from Test Patient

Earlier today, I got an e-mail from PolarityTE with a link (now dead) to an update. Apparently, they recently tested the SkinTE product on a patient with major leg wounds from a motorcycle accident. The patient, named “Devon”, is extremely happy with the results. The money quote is below, with the key part in bold:

“My leg feels as close to normal skin as I can imagine, and there is even some hair growth. If I had to choose between SkinTE and another skin graft, I would choose SkinTE every time because it is actually working.”

If “Devon” is definitely not imagining things, this is extremely encouraging. Only one data point of course, but well worth a new post on my part.

As I have mentioned in the past, the PolarityTE team is composed of high quality experienced scientists who have decades of experience working in renowned plastic surgery centers. The company has few problems in getting new funding; has been expanding its facilities in Utah; and CEO Denver Lough keeps getting great media coverage.

As if all the above is not enough, the SkinTE product represents an autologous therapy, which means that it will not require extensive clinical trials. In fact, it is already being used in various clinical settings from early adopters as this latest update mentions.

17 thoughts on “PolarityTE’s SkinTE Grows Hair in Test Patient”

  1. Really Good news… Admin..

    One patient cured by this technology means its appclicable in clinics from now?? Or it was just a test patient?

  2. Admin,

    This is interesting indeed– certainly a nice thing to hear that numerous avenues are consistently being pursued. I am wondering though, how similar are the biomechanics of growing back leg hair to growing back scalp hair? Additionally, do you know what this procedure would hypothetically look like in an AGA patient? Im guessing this would be a surgery involving the transplant of old scalp tissue with regenerated tissue? Anyway, as usual your posts are a welcomed addition to my day.

    1. PolarityTE has mentioned before that there are possible AGA applications to their product, even going so far as to putting a graphic of a bald man on their website.

      I’m sure that the skin on the leg differs in some ways from skin on the scalp. For one thing, scalp skin hair is suspectable to AGA, whereas leg skin is not.

      There haven’t been any reports of SkinTE being applied to bald scalps, but I’m sure it will happen eventually, be it for a proper medical emergency (a burn to the scalp) or for cosmetic ones (a bald guy has a graft of hair bearing skin from the back of his head and the paste, or solution, or whatever it’s turned into, is applied to his scalp).

  3. Sounds good! Very interesting due to no trials needed.
    But how will it work for hair loss patients? Cut off full scalp and replace new Skin tissue? Would be horrible and ugly! Or could it be used as injectable?

  4. Great article. This is a very interesting topic..

    From my understanding, the new skin is grown on the human body. So my question is… From where does it pull the genetic information for new cell growth? If the process requires a major open skin wound to “fill in” and/or if the process attempts to recreate the previous skin properties, then it might not be practical for bringing hair to a bald area. That said, I’m just speculating…

    Has the exact process been summarized anywhere? Can someone help explain? Thanks!

  5. Follicums boss spoke (swedish) today at Biostock live in Lund (Sweden)
    Positive news. 75% responded to their treatment. Phase lla is ongoing. Final results in autumn 2018. You can find it on youtube . Great powerpoint.

    1. Follicum is such a great Company! They seem to take over the whole industry.
      The presentation is great! 60% increase in haircount after 3 months with 75 Response rate! Amazing! (Video at 1h54min)
      The results seem to be from trial with injections but now they trial 3 different topicals (Powder, Gel and Cream). In Autum this year we will know and Autum neyt year they will Show final Phase 2b results.

    1. I believed in Acell. Dr. Cooley used his fake presentations to get me into his office. He then talked me into more FUT to supplement his “autocloning” cure. My SMP clinic just failed to correct those scars on the side of my head, so I’m stuck wearing fake hair and my life is still ruined. I love the hairloss industry.

  6. Seems like an interesting treatment depending on how well it works “some hair” is better then no hair, this could be a surprising treatment that could be a fast dark horse depending on FDA approval. It could if successful re-change then landscape of hair surgery, imagine if they could do a hairline with micro wounding with minimal hair extraction for the base of the skull.

    While I think a lot of people are looking for a one punch knockout blow for hair loss I don’t believe that it will ever happen that way, I for one think that it will come down to a combination of different therapies, where by some are strong responder’s and others are not.

    I have hope that shiseido & Replicel’s treatment may stop hair loss more effective than current treatments and be out this year early next year, and then who knows maybe PolarityTE, Follica may soon follow with positive results for at least a hairline, hell if they could give me a Wentworth Miller style hairline, and I need to buzz cut it because it’s somewhat thin, as long as it’s more effective and 3d looking than micro-scalp pigmentation, than I would be extremely happy.

    Nice article i always like reading some positive articles about the subject matter rather than negative ones, it is strange though that PolarityTE hasn’t got more publication and media coverage than it has, seems like it could help a lot of people both within the hair industry and through reconstructive surgery.

  7. What will happen if transplant frontal hair to the back or other site?
    As we know, the frontal hair are sensitive to DHT, so it’s seasy to loose the hair in frontal hairline, and the hair will progressively miniature.
    What if we transplant the frontal miniatured hair follicle to the back of the head, or transplant the hair to other site of the body, for example to the leg.
    Will the hair follicle continue to shrink, miniature, or not ?
    Is there any scientific reseach for this question?
    Thank you for sharing your opion on this question.

  8. @ Admin did you ever consider to write a post about Medicine Technology? … I didnt know Stem Cell Technology and devices are quite “simple” and quick. Seems every Startup and University could use it.


    They even mention Areas like Hair Loss, Wounds, Burn Injuries aso.

    1. Upon a cursory glance, it seems like they are talking about ADSC and adipose/fat cells in there…both of which have been covered a number of times on this blog. Website looks interesting.

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