PDO Scalp Threading Treatment for Hair Growth

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads have become a popular treatment option for facial rejuvenation, facelifts and wrinkle reduction in recent years. This is especially true in Asian countries such as South Korea, where PDO threading is a common cosmetic procedure.

Polydioxanone filament is a synthetic absorbable suture that is prepared from polyester. PDO sutures have been used safely in surgical practices for decades. While PDO is the most commonly used material, some scientists have also successfully tested gold threads for hair growth. These gold threads were embedded with absorbable polyglycolic acid (PGA).

More recently, doctors have been using thread-embedding therapy (TET) for hair growth purposes. Some sources use other words to describe this technology, including “thread lifting”, “threading” and “polydioxanone monofilament threads”. Well known brand names include PDOgro (discussed further below) and EuroThreads. You can find numerous online reviews for these procedures when it comes to facial applications.

Polydioxanone Monofilament Threads and Hair

A detailed 2015 study from South Korea showed positive hair growth results in mice treated with TET. The logic behind this type of procedure is similar to the logic behind wounding and hair growth. As well as to the related microneedling and dermarolling phenomena.

The hair threads and associated wounding work by: stimulating collagen regeneration; increasing blood flow; and improving circulation. Moreover, various growth factors are increased after the scalp skin has been disrupted. The threading treatment also enhances hair growth related gene expression, and activates fibroblasts and elastin.

Polydioxanone threads seem to be the most popular option for this type of procedure. In June 2017, a new study from India (with Dr. Rachita Dhurat as a co-author) caused significant excitement about this procedure. The study authors inserted 30 millimeter PDO microfilament threads in five male patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Between 20 to 40 threads were inserted into each scalp.

At 12 weeks, all five patients had appreciable increases in hair count. Of significance, none of these patients had previously seen any hair growth from using either Finasteride or Minoxidil. According to the above paper, poly-dioxanone has high flexibility and retention strength. It is also non-allergenic and has a slow absorption rate of around 6–8 months.

And most recently, in December 2019, a new study from Egypt concluded that:

“Poly‐l‐lactic acid microthread therapy combined with minoxidil may improve hair density, hair thickness, and hair appearance better than minoxidil alone.”

PDOgro™ Hair Growth and Dr. Alan Bauman

PDO (polydioxanone) Threads via PDOgro Threading
Dr. Bauman performing a scalp PDO thread insertion procedure.

Over the course of 2019, Dr. Alan Bauman from Florida has become heavily involved in the PDOgro™ procedure for hair regrowth. I first read about this in a February 2019 press release.

The PDOgro™ process is performed under local anesthesia via the insertion of PDO MasterThreads (MasterThreadsUSA, NY).

Over the past few months, Dr. Bauman has sent me a bunch of information and videos about this procedure. He thinks that it has significant hair growth benefits. Below is a video in which he is demoing the PDOgro procedure on a live patient at a conference in early 2019. Dr. Bauman was already performing this hair loss treatment in 2018 per this slightly older video.

Scalp Threading Plus Minoxidil and PRP

Doctors who offer PDO thread treatments on the scalp often add concurrent topical hair loss medications into the mix. Some might also offer to add PRP as a combination treatment. Medication absorption rates are probably increased after the wounding process.

It would be quite ironic if “PDO threads plus added compounds” turns out to be as effective as Follica’s “wounding plus added compounds” hair loss treatment.

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  1. I just finished reading Dave Asprey’s new book ‘Superman’ where he goes into a bit of the cosmetic side of anti-aging. He talked a bit about electric microneedling being effective for stimulating the scalp along with certain topical compounds (can’t recall which ones). He said an electric microneedler can be had for about $100 and is much more effective than a manual roller. I haven’t tried it yet but am intrigued. If this doctor does a similar, in-office procedure I’d be interested in seeing him.

  2. Its depressing that we are going into 2020 with no new cures.

    Shiseido: Surely their results were meant to out by end of 2019. Does anyone have contact with the doctor running the trial? As they havent released anything it doesnt seem positive.

    Follica: “A pivotal study of FOL-004 is expected to initiate at the end of 2019 subject to continued safety and efficacy in the optimization study “. When does this finish? Seems positive but do we have to wait til end of 2020?

    Hairclone: ??

    Cassiopea: could the 1% cream released in q3 2020 work?

    Giulani Pharma: apparently this company thinks that it can use the WAY molecules to release an OTC product. When could this be released? the science looks ok. Apparently there are other companies looking at OTC products. Who are they and what are they aiming for?

      1. I agree, but maybe its because they want to upgrade the treatment by doing more studies. Shiseido is also involved in actual Hair multiplication, you know.

        But, as far as I can tell, RCH-01 will most likely provide maintainance and a bit of regrowth. So why are you looking forward to this treatment so much (since your hairloss is advanced right)?

      2. Thats not hope.
        Thats delusion, Scot.
        RCH-01 is a farce.
        It’s over.
        Sorry, mate. You have to keep the toupèe for much, much longer.

    1. The only one I look forward to is Cassiopea’s acne cream, I think we will find a way to use it effectively on the scalp but I wonder how much will that cost considering that a much higher concentration is needed.

  3. Phoned puretech about follica and all they would tell me was that pivotal trial has not begun. Of course I asked when, where etc. And like I said, tight lips.

  4. Replicel was founded based on a research paper that grew wispy hair on mouse ears. Mouse Ears! The thinnest of thin skin. (https://www.jidonline.org/action/showFullTextImages?pii=S0022-202X%2815%2930547-9)

    It’s been:
    17 years since that publication,
    10 years since Replicel became incorporated,
    7 years since Shiseido licensed RCH-01.

    Still, all we have is one trial from 2012:
    — (10 men/9 female) with 6.1% overall average hair density regrowth.

    Mouse ears. 6.1%.

    *Replicel said they would begin phase II in 2013*
    *It’s 2020, Replicel has still not begun phase II*

  5. Replicel sisheido probably flopped. No red tape or bs. It doesn’t work as well as they probably hope scott. Just like all the rest of the bs hyped junk in the pipeline. If we are lucky we will get Propecia and Rogaine results from the new drugs. Hair cloning is years away. They haven’t started trials and people here think tsuji, tissuse will be out in 2021. Lol. Have they even perfected hair cycling, hair angle growth, etc on humans? They will need to be sure the clone hairs that cycle fall out after its first and regrow. Hair cycle is 2 to 7 years. These all have to be met in trials. Imaging getting 100k new hairs by tsuji, then 2 years later they all cycle out the same time and you go back to nw7 and new hairs don’t grow back. That would be disastrous. Now if tsuji, tissuse or even sisheido would show proof that they accomplish these things and show nw7 to nw1 then I’ll join the hype train. After almost 20 years following these forums and companies I’ve only seen failure and lies over and over. I’m thankful that I had Propecia and Rogaine to help me slow it down all these years or else I would have been a nw7 like all the men in my family.

  6. Hey admin,
    Wanted to chime in on the PDO threading. I had this done in 2018 in the Dallas area. The clinic i went to had never attemped this for hair loss before so i was their first patient that was willing wanting to try. The clinic was very cooperative with my request. I had threads inserted in the back of my head and hairline. Unfortunately I have no regrowth or slowing of loss to report. They didn’t charge me very much since they weren’t even sure it would work so it wasn’t a big loss but I was definitely disappointed that I didn’t get any results. I only had it done one time even though they offered to redo it but I just didn’t think it was worth it. Just my experience

  7. Indeed we are basically at the end of 2019. I was personally hoping to see some solid news before end of year but it’s really no surprise. I have read this forum for several years I think? I am not even sure how long anymore but I at least made a few posts this year, after all this time lol

    I made the big jump from Finasteride to Dutasteride this year and I am happy so far I made the switch. I had my first HT probably 6 years ago followed by another, 1.5 years later to add more density. I can say I am honestly in a much happier place now, than had I never done it. I still always worry about hair loss like we all do but my confidence is night and day. They are a pain to go through and the recovery can be lengthy before seeing final results and of course you may or may not be happy with them. If any of you guys are on the fence about getting one maybe give it some extra though as we head into 2020. It just might help rebuild your confidence or self esteem if hair loss is effecting either of those for you.

    It seems the odds really are not in our favour that we will see any type of “cure” anytime soon. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and gamble on what options we currently have. That being said, I’m staying positive something will show up out of the blue!

  8. I reside in Saudi Arabia; I contacted the company in Saudi Arabia and assured me that the treatment of NGF37 is mainly the treatment of skin aging and is currently used in clinics in Jeddah by injection for hair growth and that the NGF-574H tonic with the same active substance from umbilical cord cells but with a greater percentage; also He assured me that the efficacy of the product is three times more than that of minoxidil
    The price of tonic is $ 150
    The injection price is $ 200
    What is admin’s opinion on this?

      1. I can’t compare something I don’t know, and I don’t even think you know it. Follica said little about it. I will only be happy that they have had excellent results. we often talk and confront each other without knowing by doing disinformation

      2. more than likely it involves lasers to wound the skin which is faaaaaar more accurate than needling the skin. Who knows, combined with Propecia this could basically prevent further loss and add density…I think I’ll stay away from propecia, but still.

  9. Hello Admin.
    I do not know if you already covered It , but i found this very promising news from a study published in September : A hat that zaps the scalp with electricity helps reverse male balding.

    If this Is not covered , It can be very good news for our community !!

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