Dr. Ray Woods’ ex-partner Dr. Angela Campbell in Trouble

This is quite a shocking story for those who have followed hair loss forums in the past decade:

http://www.mnbml.com.au/icms_docs/175481_Alert_Potential_exposure_to_Blood-Borne_Pahogens_at_ a_Sydney_Hair_Transplant_ Clinic.pdf


“Health authorities in Sydney are investigating whether patients of a hair replacement clinic have contracted hepatitis or HIV.”

“Look, we’re issuing alerts to patients specifically of Dr Angela Campbell’s clinic in Macquarie Street. Those patients that we’re concerned about would have had a hair transplant between December 2010 and February 2013.”

“Dr Campbell has been suspended from practice since 25 February 2013 by the Medical Council of NSW. “

Dr. Ray Woods and his sister Dr. Angela Campbell popularized the FUE non-strip method of hair transplants over a decade ago, in the process revolutionizing the global hair restoration business. The two surgeon Australian team, although extremely expensive and secretive, garnered global respect as a result of: their challenging the ubiquitous strip technique at the time; their creating a very original patients bill of rights document; and in general, their seeming very concerned for a patient insofar as limiting scalp trauma, ensuring proper hygiene and so on. Dr. Woods at one point was even against Propecia (largely considered to be safe per most medical studies) due to the potential for side effects, and was a major critic of newer FUE surgeons doing procedures such as armpit hair transfers to the scalp.

It seems like this infamous team split up several years ago. Nevertheless, it is shocking that the main and perhaps only partner that Dr. Woods ever had is accused of potentially causing hepatitis or HIV infections in her patients. This is such a basic violation of medical practices that it is hard to believe it can be true. Yet again showing that charging high prices does not indicate quality care, and being located in a developed country does not ensure safety. Hopefully all of this happened after Dr. Woods stopped working with Dr. Campbell, and even better would be if Dr. Campbell was acquitted.

Dr. Nigam Photos

Dr. Nigam sent me some interesting photos this week. Not being a scientist and not being in India at the clinic, I will not try to analyze the legitimacy of these photos.  I respect and appreciate the tremendous efforts taken by the enigma that is Mr. Nigam, and will continue to author posts on him and his work for the many like myself who are interested.  In the end, even if it all comes to naught as has happened so often with numerous western companies, products and researchers in the past decade, this is an interesting rapid development the likes of which I have never seen in my decade plus following online hair loss research and forum developments.

Perhaps Ray Kurzwweil is correct in his prognostication of accelerating technological developments, bolstered by the 100s of millions of newly educated from the east? Will the cure for hair loss come from China or India? Or will the Japanese and South Koreans show that they are still the boss in Asia when it comes to new technological developments? Or will the USA surprise most of us projecting its decline (relatively speaking of course) yet one more time?

Dr. Nigam’s 3D Spheroids via Hanging Drop Method


Dr. Nigam’s Incubator


Stem Cell Injections in Mumbai


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