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Osaka University Hair Loss Research

Today, someone on the hair loss chat on this site posted an interesting link concerning a Dr. Shigeki Inui of Japan-based Aderans and his positive thoughts on light emitting diode (LED) therapy for hair growth. After translating to English, it was not obvious when the information on that page was published. However, more importantly, I was surprised to learn that Aderans has a somewhat active research & development sector that is affiliated with several local Japanese universities (you need to translate that page into English).  The most important of these affiliations is with Osaka University and its Department of Dermatology.  (FYI — also read my post from last year regarding Aderans’ history).

Further research convinced me that Osaka University is one of the more important hair loss research centers in the world and therefore warrants a thumbnail on my world map of key hair loss research centers.  This is the fifth thumbnail in Japan and counting!

Dr. Inui has published numerous interesting hair loss related research papers in the past decade.  Also affiliated with Osaka University is Dr. Satoshi Itami, who has been involved in hair loss research for a few decades.