John Travolta Hairpiece Update

Someone in a comment in the last post told me that I should never publish another hairpiece related post again. However, earlier today, a veteran member of this blog e-mailed me 64-year old actor John Travolta’s latest hairpiece photo from his recent appearance in Cannes, France.

So I have no choice and a hairpiece post it is yet again. A more useful hair loss cure and research related post will be published later today or tomorrow.

I previously covered Mr. Travolta in 2016, as well as earlier in the past when he once appeared in public without his hair. This is what he looks like without his hairpiece.

John Travolta Dancing with his Hairpiece on

In this latest Travolta dancing video, you can see the Grease an Pulp Fiction actor’s latest hairline. The important question to ask is the following: would Mr. Travolta still have the below moves and confidence if he did not have fake hair on top?


9 thoughts on “John Travolta Hairpiece Update”

  1. You know how glasses and contact lenses are becoming better and better. Perhaps if the current limitations of today’s hair systems (price, how long the glue lasts, temperature limitations) are addressed in the next few years the funding for real hair loss cures may dry up as the anticipated demand drops. Just a thought. Even if this is not what we want to happen we must still accept this as a possibility.

  2. I agree with you Scott. well even if I had my original 15-year-old hair, it was still not as good as Ryan Kwantens’ anyways…

    advanced hair-piece say it regrows itself and looks natural is the true answer to our prayers…

  3. Thank you for your comment admin and your repply. ;) we have to admit The remarkable work of his hairpiece !!! If we wouldnt know he was loosing his hair Who knows today he s wearing a hairpiece ??

  4. My opinion only, but I still think Travolta looks better without the hairpiece. It just looks strange, almost plastic.

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