Hair Transplant News Galore

There has been a disproportionate amount of hair transplant related news in major newspapers around the world during the past month.

— Hair transplant pioneer Dr. Norman Orentreich died last month at the age of 96. The history of surgical hair restoration began in Japan with Dr. Shoji Okuda (see Okuda Papers) and then Dr. Hajime Tamura in the 1930s and 1940s, respectively. However, it was Dr. Orentreich who really made the field flourish starting in the 1950s via his groundbreaking work in the US.

— Portugese football superstar Ronaldo is opening a hair transplant clinic in Madrid, Spain.

— Actor James Nesbitt announced that he would be getting his sixth (!) hair transplant for £20,000. He had the first of these six in 2007.

— An Indian man died after getting a 12 hour hair transplant procedure. He wanted 9,000 grafts in one go, but received 3,700 grafts before the surgery was stopped at 2:30 am due to complications. This story accounted for well over half the stories I got via my “hair transplant” Google Alerts setting this week.

You have to be careful when picking a hair transplant surgeon, especially if you are getting a hair transplant abroad. Having said that, the chances of death from a hair transplant are infinitesimally small in any country (provided you go to a reputable surgeon).

8 thoughts on “Hair Transplant News Galore”

  1. Appropriate article as I am researching ht clinics. Anybody here got an fue by Dr lorenzo, couto of Spain, or konior in Chicago or hassan Wong? Those are my top 3. I just need receding hairline work. I have coarse frizzy Mediterranean hair. Just need to fill in hairline. I probably have 1000 hairs now from right to left hairline. You can start to see it under light and sun that I’m thinnig. Need to fill in the hair especially right side that is very diffuse.

    1. I would use toppik or a product like that. Going into an area of scalp with thinning can cause additional/shock fall out. I think better treatments are on the horizon and patience is advisable given the number of companies moving forward.

  2. True true but I hate putting all that stuff on my head. I’ll prob cut it shorter and put it down. Samumed and follica are only hope for new treatments in the USA by 2021. After that then I’m definitely have to get fue.

  3. Could you make a thorough post about dermarollers, side effects, etc and what you personally think?

    Is the company follica making one as well?

  4. Sorry to go off topic.
    After much research i do believe that the Epstein–Barr virus and mononucleosis has strong correlation to all types of hair loss. Over 90% of adults test positive to ebv. Staying dormant after the initial mononucleosis the virus can come out of dormancy at a random time whether it be a week later or decades later and causes one or more of a long list of autoimmune problems. Some of the most common problems being overactive thyroid, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, ms, nerve damage, several types of cancer and lots more. Im sure it increases dht in males. These autoimmune problems happen most likely in a very stressful time. The percentage lf all of this and the symptoms of almost all of these things include hair loss. Which makes me wonder why there are not more studies on ebv and hair loss. Unfortunately, like hiv there is no foreseeable cure for this and over 90% of us have it.
    Would love to hear anyone elsed thoughts

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