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I mentioned a new company called Follicept in my recent post on IGF-1. Although I remain highly skeptical about this company’s product (as well as about the effectiveness of IGF-1 at giving more than minimal hair regrowth), I am impressed with their staff (i.e., Devon Grimmé) and its pro-activeness on the hair loss forums and on youtube. It seems like they will be providing weekly video updates and testing their gel product on fellow staff and family members. The company’s CEO Dr. Stephen Hsu seems to be a very accomplished guy.

Most importantly, Follicept is part of Prometheon Pharma, which seems to have developed a technology that enables topical delivery of large molecule drugs without the need for injections. Perhaps the company’s superior delivery mechanism will lead to better results in comparison to past futile attempts at delivering IGF-1 to the scalp to improve hair growth?

The best part of this development is that this technology will not necessitate lengthy clinical trials since IGF-1 is already used worldwide. You can follow Follicept’s updates via their YouTube channel or scroll through the company’s homepage.

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    1. Hi there, I am in Canada and just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your site! And for the valuable information you have been providing regarding Hair Loss and treatment developments. And for some how, keeping all the “troll garbage!” out of the more useful and positive conversations!

      Other hair loss sites could take some serious lessons from this site!!

      Darren in Canada.

  1. Admin I dont know Devon Grime, but do you Believe in a company testing this way a product that if work can make a lot of money? I would expect a minimum of scientific approach…. Even If this fellow regrowth his hair, the y wont be sure 100 it is bY gel, or placebo effect, or he is taking fin, minox, o even he is not getting bald and have shaved to pretend. Do you agree ?

    1. Yeeeah.. this recording laked like all the aspect of how a proffesional recording should be like.
      Knowing that marketing is as important as new products itself, they already missed a descent way of starting regardless how his followup picture\movie will be.

      Somebody should appoint this view to him.

  2. The transparency and direct to consumer dialog from the trial phase should really be a model that every hair-loss/health company should strive to model themselves after. Regardless of whether they succeed or not, the rapport with the community they will build will be strong. Wishing them luck.

    1. I agree. I think this lack of whistles and bells (better to expend resources on the development rather than marketing) and a sense of bringing us as a community into their efforts as a collaboration is really disruptive. These guys remind me of Steve Jobs working out of his father’s garage and Bill Gates and Paul Allen quitting Harvard and challenging IBM and HP. Totally transparent, kind of “reality show” style to let us see how it’s done. Have you ever seen the inner workings of Sheisado or J&J or Merck?

  3. I agree with you, It’s full of scammers. Hair Loss industry is pathetic. Regarding a comment on another post, I think the hair transplants prices are very high, it is an industry that hardly any progress is always the same, the results are limited it is disgusting and pathetic.
    How can some hair surgeons be happy with the results they get? Nobody believes in progress in the hair restoration market? We are like 20 years ago so it refers to treatments, Hair transplants have not progressed anything.
    So get to work in innovation. We are in 2015.

  4. Doesn’t it look like Dr. Hsu has a receding hairline? I wonder if he is trying Follicept on himself?

    1. Dr. Hsu’s hair loss is due to an autoimmune condition, according to Devon Grimmé at Follicept. I don’t know if he is trialing the product, but it would be some kind of wonderful if it worked on AGA and AA, in both men and women.

  5. Just received a mail from them saying they would release the product at end of 2016 or at early 2017…admin your thoughts

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