Fat or Bald?

Update: March 30, 2018

Final results were:

144 total votes

49 % preferred to be fat for life, but always have great hair.

51 % percent preferred to be bald for life, but always have the perfect weight.

I am very surprised at how close it was. Thanks to all those who voted.

Would You Prefer to be a Fat Norwood 1 or a Thin Bald Norwood 7?

I have started a poll (LINK HERE — and the content is also pasted at the bottom of this post) on Twitter and you can vote if you have an account on there. The goal of the poll is to determine what percent of people prefer being overweight to being bald (and vice versa) assuming that you have no option other than to suffer from at least one of those two conditions. Note that your response is anonymous on Twitter surveys and no-one, including me, can find out who is voting.

When you are 50 lbs overweight, in most cases that classifies as being obese due to your having a BMI of over 30. See here for the difference in definition between the words “overweight” and “obese”. Some very tall people can be 50 lbs over their ideal weight/BMI and still be considered as “just” overweight rather than obese.

Of course it is much much easier to lose weight than to gain hair. However, for a huge number of people, genetics plus metabolism disorders plus computer based sedentary work schedules often make it impossible to lose all the weight that they want to, and then keep it off. Similarly, some bald people just do not have a great head shape and skin type to make the bald appearance look that great. One of my balding relatives is still tormented by the fact that his very long ears and face were compared to the FA Cup when he was in high school. I doubt that he will ever shave it all off unless he gets otoplasty surgery first.

So to have the poll make logical sense, I added the respective assumptions at the end of each of the two answer choices below. Of course the first guy who commented to the poll Tweet ruined everything and said (or joked) that for him, 50 lbs overweight would be an improvement from his current state so the answer choice is very obvious!

Which option would you prefer?

A = Perfect hair till death, but 50 lbs overweight till death. Assume that nothing you try reduces the excess weight.

B = Bald till death, but ideal body weight till death. Assume that the bald look does not suit your face and skin type that well.

— Hairlosscure2020 (@HLcure2020) March 26, 2018

98 thoughts on “Fat or Bald?”

  1. Option B. I guess I am in the minority. I like being fit and could never take being 50 lbs over weight. Now during winter time I wear a Hoodie thus for 3 months I am fine.

    But I still say, starting next Monday Bald heads get slapped with JAKfor AGA and almost immediately hair should grow. In as little as 1 month history might be made.

    1. I’m Fit. Just doing a countdown until next Monday. It’s the Heavyweight Championship, Super Bowl, NBA championship, and World Series all in one. After Monday, all eyes on Aclaris for any word of results. And they will drop big hints long before mid 2019. They have to let investors know how their drug Phases are progressing. If after 6 weeks no hair I think they will cancel the Phase 2 and let everyone know.

  2. Ideal body weight. Even if you’re ugly there is nothing more attractive than healthy. Get on some HGH, hit the gym 4 days a week, wear hats, get smp and girls will still flock to you.

  3. Ive seen both and tbh id rather be in great shape then really fat all my life regardless of hairloss. Ive talked to lots of girls and a vin deisel type or a guy who looks like The Rock 9 times out of 10 will always do better with the females then a John Candy type. Plus being bald isnt gonna give me a stroke or heart disease or diabetes. Id love my hair back the way it was when i was 17 but id never give up my 6 pack abs or my stamina in bed to have my hair back and be so fat i can only thrust for like a minute lol. Lets be honest being obese makes sexual activity alot more difficult. Being bald ironically has put me in the best shape of my life. Being fat just plain sucks!

  4. B. While both are cosmetic problems, baldness is solely cosmetic whereas being overweight can affect other areas of life/health. Imagine the metabolic/joint problems you’d have in addition to being fat. That’d be a s existance. At least with just baldness you could work out to a rockin’ body and still have a wonderful life of travel, getting laid, and other adventures.

  5. Like Captain Kirk I do not believe in a No Win Scenario. That’s why I believe I and all others will very, very soon beat hair loss. The JAK’s will work (my guess) if not something else just that JAK’s are hear now this my biggest hope.

    We all can get in better shape whatever shape we are in. No one is better than anyone else. But I really think as that JAK lotion goes on Bald heads next week we all will soon have one less problem.

    1. I was the one who wrote the email to them and they told me that it is years away BUT I also believe that it does not take that long because the same guy replied to another email last june and he said that he had no idea and that AGA is not their priority right now and then out of the sudden the patent stuff started. They have something big and I am sure that it works.

      In his last email I clearly asked if we can expect pictures/results if it works on AGA, and he said YES, if it works we will see pictures as they actually always do in their conference calls/presentation so I absolutely agree with Nasa. Until June 2018 we will know how well Jaks work on AGA patients. That it works is out of the question. Whoever thinks that jaks do jak on AGA is in my opinion just insane. Better ask yourself if we are talking about 10% or 100 % regrowth or just maintenence?

    1. This would have been a better question:

      1. Be nw7 bald by 21, but live to 110
      2. Never go bald, die at 69

      Sad to say it, but nw7 at 21 is equivalent of a walking corpse

      1. The smartasses would still have the following reply:

        “If you are 21 and bald and going to live till 110, there is a 100 percent chance the cure will be here by the time you are 25-30”

        So you need to add the assumption that the cure will never come.

  6. No offense, but I always think that polls like this are skewed and maybe into the “cope” angle. Because, while I can’t see the votes, it is most likely you’ll get a majority bald vote and then people can go “See! It’s not that bad! Most voted for bald!”

    Yeah if being fat til death or fit but bald til death are the options, with you ONLY getting one, it’s obvious that most people will choose the “fit” option because it’s the lesser of the two evils and offers at least the health benefit.

    But it’s not reflective of reality. In reality, most people can change their weight through diet and exercise.

    So in truth, no one is going to say “I’d rather be ripped and bald than fat and fullheaded” because in real life, you turn fat and fullheaded into ripped and fullheaded.

    So being fat with hair is the better option.

    1. It was a hypothetical survey as clearly elaborated in the post and via the assumptions. Pretty common type of survey where you are forced to pick one or the other, but cant have both.

      As of now, the votes are almost 50/50.

        1. Why? The better option is fat with hair. Hair is very important in phycological terms…Fat people have treatments
          Bald people no. @admin. Thank you for this survey.

  7. Nasa, why are you so certain that their trial will start exacty on time? No hair loss trials and delays go hand in hand

      1. Yes Aclaris moves fast. Also someone stated the ceo stated in “2 to 3 weeks trials for Jak for AGA start”.

        Now it’s not a sworn statement or anything but given Aclaris moves fast I would have expected it anyways thus I’m going with it.

        1. Slap those Bald heads with JAK lotion let’s find out. Only takes about 1 month if no growth after 6 weeks I would expect them to cancel the trial.

          In all honesty I expect JAKs NOT to work. But just like an Arnold Schwarzenegger who came to America as just another person. You have to dream big and believe and try.

          That’s why all of us are here we believe and trying for years. Now if we can get luck on our side. Something, there must be something that works. Hoping its JAK, and we get our 100% hair.

          1. Adding, if JAK does NOT work they should mention it in 6-8 weeks. I would be greatly disappointed but Thankful that at least it was tried.

          2. With all due respect Nasa, you are torpedoing all of your previous arguments.

            I used to read all of your comments where you gave scientific arguments why Jaks will also work for AGA. In fact, if I remember correctly, you used to claim that “we have the cure”.

            SO, may I ask why are you making this u-turn and losing faith in jak’s potential?

            1. It’s the Moment of Truth. Bald heads either this week or next week will be slapped with JAK lotion. I am VERY Axiously awaiting for the results. Any time AFTER May 1st we will hear about the results or lack there of. Yes they stated by mid 2019 but they are not going to go longer than 6 weeks if no signs of results (mid May) and they have an obligation to let everyone know Lightly how things are going.

              If JAK does not work then I do not think ANY drug will ever work only stem cells. Just would be like starting from complete Scratch.

              All the Antidotal facts say it should work. It either Does OR Does Not. But I do not believe in minimal minoxidil results like some. It’s either ALL or None.

              I am walking on eggs thinking about next week.

        2. Nasa_rs, I confirm that Aclaris CEA Neil Walker has announced that phase 2 trial for AGA wwre to start within 2 -3 weeks from date of conference.

          That’s the only certainty we have for the time being. As far as results we shall have to wait for any announcement in either pro or con situation.

          However, with all the conditions that Aclaris intends to focus on, I have a feeling that this copany’s think tank knows far more than they are willing to divulge for the time being. My suspicion raises from the fact, that Aclaris had in the past mentioned that for AGA trials, they intend to use a specific Jak inhibitor named Decernotinib. Alas, they are going to start the same trial with Tofa or Ruxo (I’m not sure which one). So this means that they have some solid pre-clinical data to suggest that this type of Jak inhibitor could still work for AGA but in different formulations and dosages. In fact, during the last conference, either neil Walker or a colleague of his mentioned that they have different dose ranges prepared which are over and above what might be needed, to avoid overlooking the potency required.

          1. The ceo starting trials should start in 2-3 weeks (said 2 weeks ago) is good enough for me. It means those Bald heads are about to be slapped with JAK by next Monday (that week). It takes ~4 weeks to see first signs of growth and 5 months for a full head of hair.

            Along the way the crowd almost certainly will let everyone know in a vague way how things are progressing. They have to let investors know periodically status of important research. This being a potential billion dollar revenue prospect is probably deemed important.

            Not much longer no need to hear me say why it should work we will have actual evidence that it does NOT work, or that it does work. Maybe in 1 month or shortly after.

            1. Antidotal evidence all the way back to 1980’s says JAK should work. I think even the muscle pillar issue is corrected by the body once the body get’s the ON Signal to regrow that hair.

              Aclaris is burning through their precious cash to fund the wildest of wild gambles by most people estimates to start a trial NOW to regrow hair using JAK. I’m hopeful. The moment of truth is here. In fact if trial started last week hair could be beginning to grow as we speak.

              1. NASA..
                1. you were the correct response on Final Jeopardy tonight
                2. I had an experience today where I saw my bald head in a mirror with a florescent light behind me. The light revealed many many thousands of tiny light hairs, which followed my old teenage hairline perfectly. What I realized is that my hair follicles are still there; they just need to be switched back on. Look forward to Aclaris solving the puzzle!!

                1. Jak gets slapped on Bald heads THIS Monday (CEO said 2 1/2 weeks ago trials should start in 2-3 weeks).

                  It should only take 1 month before those little hairs turn into Real Growth, and back to our teenage years of full set of hair.

                  Starts this Monday!

                  It works or does not work we should find out in a few months.

  8. I hope this is a hit but with all the past AA patients who also had AGA , they only got back their non DHT affected hair. I would have thought it would have had some benefit for AGA if it was going to work at all in other doses!

    1. Not necessarily. JAK might need to be at the right skin level to work and not just in the blood from taking a pill. In other words topical might be much better than oral.

      Case in point, and gives further evidence jak will work for AGA. And that’s this, the campfire guy. An old guy in 1980’s fell head first into a campfire and had a big burn on top of his head. After the big wound healed he also degree his hair! They had before and after photos, and from what I could clearly see he had grown back his hair from his previous male pattern baldness pattern.

      My guess, since he was old he may have been on a cancer drug or arthritis drug something similar to JAK’s. And he did not grow hair before burn only afterwards. Thus blood coagulated (drug) at various skin levels thus acted like a Deep penetration into skin and turned the hair back into growth mode. Just a guess. But remember two old males grew their hair back while on Beno (cancer drug) and reportedly they were sun worshippers and one had a bad sun burn. Did this allow drug to go from blood to mid range skin levels? Reportedly he regrets his hair on top as on his side of his head and he was in his 70’s.

      Thus, I really think we have a good chance of having jak work when saturated at lower dkin levels that I think Aclaris is doing.

      1. he also degree his hair

        he regrets his hair on top as on his side of his head

        I’m sure there was something you wanted to say, but this presumably wasn’t it. Better luck next time.

  9. indeed being healthy is much more important than hair. we all want our hair back thats true but being overweight brings alot of potential diseases e.g. cholesterol and diabetes , more severe heart attack..
    even though having bold look doesnt suit u, still u will be healthy

        1. My understanding was that it helps AA patients more than it does AGA patients. And even for the former, no guarantees.

          I visited one clinic’s site when I first wrote about this, and the site’s content sounded very spammy.

          1. Carboxy is similar to the principles in Stemoxydine, PRP and wounding. “Damage” causes a rush of O2 (and potentially growth factors) in the healing process. By saying similar I’m not saying equal.

  10. Anyone who blames their obesity on their genetics; ask them to reveal photographs of their grandparents. It kills the conversation stone dead.
    The Chinese in China and the Ugandans in Uganda and the Kenyans in Kenya and the Indians in India look a lot different to their immigrant counterparts in the USA.

    Hair loss on the other hand is a genuine genetic lottery. Some other guys got the cookies and we got the crumbs. Never mind. At least we don’t have to live in one of the countries I mentioned.

    1. I was in agreement with this until i read your last sentence. Although those countries have problems, your generalisation to say ‘at least we don’t have to live there,’ comes across a little ignorant to be honest as if to say they are uninhabitable. I’ve been to 3 of the 4 countries mentioned and disagree with your comment.

      1. I never implied that. I have been to Uganda and China and although I had a fantastic time it would be foolish to not imply that life there is harder compared to the west. Fresh running water, electricity, fast food, PlayStation, etc. Still, the food in Uganda was so fresh and awesome.

        1. In that case I apologise and that’s my bad. China is the one i have not been to yet but yes, the other countries have amazing food and culture

    2. I dont know about genetics, but there are definately other factors involved with losing weight then simply calories in < calories out. Some people really can lose weight, and have lean muscle mass with very little effort.
      Personally I think hormones play a very important role, and maybe types of gut bacteria. Of course diet is pretty important too, but some people have a much harder time then others even with nearly the same diets.

  11. Mechanical forces in skin disorders.

    Mechanical forces are known to regulate homeostasis of the skin and play a role in the pathogenesis of skin diseases. Increasing evidences shows that stiffness of the skin environment determines the regenerative ability during wound healing process. The development of androgenetic alopecia is correlated to tensile forces generated by the fibrous tissue underlying the scalp. Strategies to change the mechanical forces or modify the mechanotransduction signals may lead to a new way to treat skin diseases and promote skin regeneration.

  12. @Admin – Dont forget you can get Crainioplasty to reshape the skull… I know its extreme but if you can cover your head up for about 6 months until the surgery wounds heal you should be golden!! Thats only if your head is super bent out of shape!! Anyways for us Difffuse Thinners !!! April 14th is the day we find out if those of us who have just started thinning out in the last 5 years have a shot of recovery via Brotion!! Brotzu to the rescue!!

  13. PS I think its amazing how you started in 2013 with a deadline of 2020 and as we head towards that date it is looking eerily like you are going to be pretty damn close to the bullseye.

    Considering how many thousands of years people have been trying to find a cure for hairloss lol. Maybe you had a vision?? Lol. Ether way im optimistic because I have no visible loss and only minor diffuse thinning. Brotzu would be a functional cure for me. RCH-01 even better. And thats a wrap!!

      1. @Admin I think we will NOT see a “cure” by the end of 2020, BUT we will have several good Treatments which in combination will satisfy us and bring full head of hair.
        Even when current developments promise a single effect of 10 percent hair gain if you have a combination of different treatments which target different parts of hair Growth System it will work. Only one drug is like a chain with weak links and only one strong. You Need all links strong. Thats why you Need Growth factores, good metabolism, anti inflamation, anti DHT aso. Now we see several companies and Universitys working on every part of it in many countries. …. Thats why I stay positive. We will have the first Treatments by end of this year and several more by the end of 2019. I do not trust and Hype one single Company – we needed actually several.

        1. Not several. Not in the long term anyway. Once it is cracked, that company will flourish and the others will disappear into history, just like Microsoft did to Atari, Amstrad, Spectrum, Amiga, Commodore, etc; one by one they died off.

          1. @ Scott in the Long term you are probably right. But for the near future and mid term we Need to use a combination of drugs. And this will start in the next few months like Brotzu+Topical Fin+Oral Dut+RAIN and bit later add like Samumed+Follica+Follicum+Rivertown and then Breezula+Tissuse+Aclaris and then later Lactate drugs and CRISPR and 4D Bioprinting …. And thats only a shot in the blue. There are at least 50 more companies and universities developing Treatments since years.

            1. If my hair loss continues to bug me and the upcoming Shiseido RCH-01 and Aclaris turn out not to be a cure, I will get a hair system. I am not risking these other experimental chemistry sets whether it be lotion or pills. The worst a hair system can do is fall off. You only get one body. If one of your organs grows a tumour its generally game over. Please take this under advisement.

              1. Very true Scott! What makes you believe Shiseido and Aclaris are safe? I mean JAKS and Stem Cells and Growth factors are always tricky.

                1. The safety trial that started in 2009, to purely test safety, and concluded years later that it is safe makes me think RCH-01 is safe. I just hope it also works :-)

  14. I dont understand why more bald guys dont start wearing hair systems. They look pretty much undetectable nowadays. As a 22 y/o losing his hair, this seems like my only hope for having nice hair.

    1. I find it alarming that the same people that would be reluctant to try a hair system would not hesitate to get out the chemistry sets and start experimenting with different oral/topical dosages based on hearsay.

      1. I agree. Ive been on fin for about 2 years and am just recently experiencing bad sides and have to come off. They say hair pieces probably take up about 3 hours of your time every 2 weeks which is a bit much, but they are pretty much undetectable if you keep up with it and wear a style with bangs. Also, i dont get why people are allowed to completely change their gender and be considered heros, but if i wear some fake hair on my head im pathetic. I just want to enjoy my twenties.

  15. The thing with hair system is they will be uncomfortable and people can easily detect and need maintenance…

  16. What i wish is a hair system which is semi permanent..like change once in 5 years and should be comfortable like natural breathing and all…

    1. If they did, it would only last a few months, people would be queueing up for days to get the latest one when it is released, and there would be a dedicated FAQ page on the iHair store website with the following questions:

      Why did my hair fall out today?
      Why did my hair turned pink in the shower?
      Can I track the density of my hair using the iWatch?
      I upgraded to iWatch 3, will I also need to upgrade my hair system?
      Are finger gestures supported with the iHair?
      Can Siri tell me when my hair is sticking up?
      Can I still use the Mac’s Find My Hair feature without an Apple ID account?

  17. Does anyone know what websites or stores Brotzu will be sold? I’d like to be ahead of the game so they don’t run out in the first week before I have a chance to order.

  18. I am using topical FIN Gel once a day since last week. I added this to my regimen of Min, Saw Palmetto supplements and keto shampoo.

    Let’s hope this gel stops the pain/itch and the crown loss. I saw the results of others online with it, so I’ll give it a try. H&W reported great results, and Dr. Cole reported one tremendous result as well.

    1. I got a prescription for this from a Canadian doctor but the pharmacy wouldn’t mail it to me since I was a US citizen. Instead I started Polaris nr-11 with topical Fin and minoxidil 12%. I know the minoxidil levels are real because for the first time in getting the puffy eyes and dark under eye circles. I’ll be interested to hear your results vs mine over the next few months.

      1. If you want to prevent the MIN sides you might wanna try the first option as a US citizen.

        1) US based AlviArmani have a topical FIN and topical DUT
        2) EU based Lupanzula has topical DUT (with or without MIN)
        3) Canadian based H&W have topical FIN and maybe later topical DUT

        Some other options:
        4) Formula 82F Bauman (with MIN)
        5) Polaris Labs / Follics (with MIN)
        6) Morr F from India (with MIN)
        7) Dualgen (with MIN)

        It looks like Polaris Labs products will turn into Follics products and I am not sure whether Dualgen still is available.

        1. @netshed Thanks for that. I’ll stick with the sides from Minoxidil for now with the hopes that it retains enough life in my follicles until one of these other new treatments takes off.

  19. I have a theory about diffuse thinning. I think most of us here who are diffuse thinners probably took oral finasteride and minoxidil and maybe are still on them. I used oral finasteride for about 3 years started dutasteride and got serious sexual sides so was off everything for 3 years after. Only diffuse thinning since then. I think the receptor insensitivity to DHT may have hung around on specific hair follicles like it did with whatever sex receptors were being affected. Anyways I think these treatment users are much more likely to end up diffuse thinners rather than receders as a result.

    1. If it works, it is very good news for women who cannot take finasteride and well done to its creators. But for men, we already have finasteride; a tried and tested proven drug. Unless this will also aid in reversing hair loss but nothing I have read indicates that, or am I missing something?

  20. Jak gets slapped on Bald head on Mondays. We should learn very quickly if it works.

    If it does work do you realize the tremendous impact:

    Gone – HT
    Gone – Minoxidol
    Gone – All other Drugs
    Gone – Hair Commercials for Phony Products

    Flip side:
    More Barbers
    More Hairstylists, Colorists for Hair
    More Comb, hair lotions Sales
    More money spent on Date nights
    More clogged bathroom sinks

    1. You think the trial starts on a holiday? Also, why do you say it will work 100% or 0. I’d hate to see the mood in here if months start rolling by with no word…..

      1. If months of no news even better. If it does not work they will quickly say they ended trials. Why risk funding and health if no results.

        With up to 24 patients if it does work or does not they should quickly say. It’s obvious you cannot hide the results if it works. Do you think family and friends are not going to notice? Word will get out fast and Aclaris will want to be in front of the news.

  21. From what I have been reading apparently hair is Locked into the end of the hair cycle by specific Enzymes. JAK’s stop those Enzymes from shutting down the hair cycle. Apparently they also improve DErma Papila cells.

    It’s going to work. Just an opinion but I really think it’s going to work. Why? Science is with us this time.

    1. Nasa with all your optimism and positivity about jak it better work bro. My scalp gets inflammed and I know my loss is related to scalp inflammation. So fingers crossed we hear some news about it in the summer…like leaked photo or something like they did with the AA trial. If we don’t hear anything then it’s pretty much a loss and doesn’t work.

  22. Also, If you’re so confident, I’d recommend buying a large amount of Aclaris stock ….. its very low right now, the lowest its been since early 2016. If their product works that stock will skyrocket.

    1. It sounds like he probably is heavily invested and may be trying to pump aclaris on hairloss forums based on this hype train he is creating. Maybe not, but i wouldnt be suprised.

      1. Thanks! Thats an interesting interview Sounds very confident and promising:

        Phase 2a start a week ago –> Readout Q3 2018
        Phase 2b start early 2019 –> Readout Q3 2019
        Phase 3 start early 2020

        So this could be at market end of 2020 or 2021.
        Thinking of all the many other Drugs in Phase 1 and 2 I guess we will see exciting times the next 3 years :-)

  23. Damnit nasa, if jak doesnt work im going to slap your bald head for getting me so hyped up. Just kidding man, i pray your optimism is correct

    1. I am actually hoping it does NOT work. Sounds crazy but hear me out …

      If Replicel’s RCH-01 works they will use the massive revenue to further pursue their dermal injector development and other cell therapies for damaged skin and ligament regeneration, which will mean not just looking young for longer but actually being young for longer. Tendonitis, athletes foot, tennis elbow could all be a thing of the past.

      Aclaris on the other hand are the burger without the fries.

    2. And if I prove to be right?

      I said JAK would work even when Dr. Christiano did not think it would work in the early days. Or when Mr. King said it would never work. I have gone against the brightest stars in the Hairloss world. And I say I am right. I followed the Scant Facts and created a Hypothesis from those facts that I believe will be proven true.

      And it seems up to this point that everyday more and more evidence is showing that the case for it to work has only gotten stronger. Just my opinion as we have to wait for the results. Like Rocky we now enter the Ring as the ultimate of underdogs and we await the results. I just can’t imagine after all this time a potential real 100% treatment that regrows our own natural hair might be finally here.

      We should know in a few months. Either they discontinue the trials from lack of results or they blurt out a few sentences on how its working.

      1. “And it seems up to this point that everyday more and more evidence is showing that the case for it to work has only gotten stronger”

        and what evidence might that be?

        1. I am not going over all the evidence. But just one, THEY ARE TRYING IT IN A MAJOR PHASE 2 RIGHT NOW.

          And last I heard they are not trying Broom Fibers, or Couch Coverings, or …. anything else. If they did not have some reasonably Strong Evidence that it would Work they certainly would not spend millions on a Phase 2.

  24. This hair loss nightmare never ends. I thought this topical FIN would finally put an end to my scalp pain. 10mg topical daily and the scalp is still inflamed. This really was my last hope to stop the micro inflammation … my entire crown has been ruined during the last 10 years. Nothing beats this horror.

    1. @ Netshed sounds like my Story. In ten years I went from NW1 to NW6. I just hate it!!! …. What topical Fin did you take?

      1. Liposomes based but with a lower dose than H&W, I might go up later to 25mg topical fin daily as H&W use.

        1. Netshed are you taking oral finasteride? Take both buddy….oral and topical. Plus add Rogaine to increase blood flow. I know this sounds ridiculous but I cured my scalp pain by not eating spicy food, deep fried crap and massaging my scalp every morning before showering. Push the side of your head upwards to make your top scalp fold…get the scalp to loosen up a lot. I did that for a month and my scalp psin, burn and crawling went away. I do get episodes of scalp burn….I had it this week because my stupid self ate deep fried food. I tool cold showers, massaged scalp, leaned my head back 3x a day for 5 min each time and took 500mg resversitrol. Scalp is feeling 100x better. Plus use Nizoral!!

          Let me know if you got any questions. I know the feeling man…bad enough we have to lose our hair it shouldn’t hurt in the process.

  25. The whole thing is though generally weight is under your control. but losing your hair really isnt. Weight is easier to fix then hair loss because nothing works that well for hair loss.

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