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  1. I don’t know, but i believe in Replicel and Shiseido.
    I think 2018 we can expect spmething from Shiseido.
    If no we will be like Danny.

  2. Admin

    Big news from Turkey … check FT

    Apparently topical cream due out next

    Good photos

    Looks interesting …

    1. Yeah I just saw that in follicle thought. Looks like nice regrowth. No cure but definitely better than we got out now. Question is how do we get it if it’s in Turkey?

  3. I have major doubts about the Turkish product. Presentation is amateurish and numerous companies have promoted such stem cell products over the years….will write more about it in my next brief items of interest post in a few days after I do more research. Would be nice if Turkish blog readers used it and posted here about it after it is released in that country.

  4. Russia and Europe sent a rocket to find life on Mars…. maybe they have the cure….lets wait again for 5 years…

  5. I suppose it’s always nice to be reminded that out there, there are men over a foot shorter and with much, much less hair than me =P

    He’s pretty cute haha, he makes Bernie look like a giant.

  6. Danny Devito is famous and successful because he owns his look. He has no shame about who he is or how he is perceived. And, because he is funny as all hell. He gets me every time in Always Sunny. Nice post, Admin, cheers

    1. Pretty good news. Only problem we don’t know if it works in humans and if it does and I hope it totally does this will take at least 5 years before it hits the market. If it’s real cure where it can make a nw7 a nw1 then I have no problem waiting since it can rejuvenate our hair again but if it’s a maintenance treatment then it’s pretty much useless for us balding now.

  7. Hey admin! If you’re in contact with FGF at all maybe having him write a blog post in the future to update us on his developments! Last i saw was a BTT thread that he hasn’t responded to in a while/

  8. lol wtf “http://asia.nikkei.com/Tech-Science/Tech/Meiji-Seika-Pharma-teams-with-lab-to-research-hair-loss-cure

    doesn’t SAY ANYTHING.. but “we are giving a bunch of money to these dudes … if they figure something out… we get money”

    hahaha…. alright… good luck meiji
    there might be some competition in kobe with shiseido

  9. guys i think this Turkish university cream Kelopesia is going to be exactly what i needed to tie me over to 2017 Brotzu / Histogen / and finally Shiseido Sam 2018

    I need something yesterday not 3 years lol

    1. more hope for the Italian dudes cream or whatever, this Turkish stuff is likely only useful for women, not AGA.

  10. Why havent anyone talked about the stem cell hair transplant from Hasci? Ita basicly a hair transplant where 70% or so of the donor hair comes back. Isnt that almost as a very expensive cure?

  11. Bern lost the primaries today. Like socialism losing everywhere round the world. Like millions of young guys losing their hair… goddamn

  12. I cant even find any info on this Kelopesia. Everything is written in turkish. All I can say is that if this is going to be released soon in Turkey, maybe Kaneshop can get the formula and make some so we can buy it too. I highly doubt this will be FDA approved, and I doubt even more that if is going to be a prescription drug in turkey that it will be an OTC drug here.

    1. That product contains molecular derivatives from the stem cells of newborn foreskins. So, I really doubt Kanyeshop will do much.

  13. I just read a news about the Kelopesia in turkish web site translated into english.
    they talk about the conference made last friday and the creator of the lotion claims it grow new hair into 10 days of treatment. it remeber me the JAK inhibitor.
    and also it fight the grey hair.

    Guys i don’t know what are you thinking about this new product but i’m optimistic.

    hope the admin will talk about this product and get some turkish freind from the forum to test it out!!

    cross finger guys and don’t loose hope.

  14. I would laugh if one of these random companies come out with a better treatment than what all the companies like replicel histogen, Samumed comes out with hahaha. Imagine all that money spent by the main companies and some Italian doc or Turkish researchers release a lotion that works 10x better with much simpler ingredients haha. Priceless moment. This stuff Def won’t be approved by the fda

  15. I hope the Italian doctor and this Turkish researcher aren’t bullshitting us with crap. For once it would be nice for a real effective treatment to come out. I mean wtf lol. There should be some law on false advertising. If it doesn’t work it shouldn’t be allowed on her the market. It’s selling a car averted to hit 100mph but when you buy it can only go 30mph.

  16. SM company does not even know how the hair is growing and they want to extend their study to improve the product. Once they know the mechanism they can improve it to become even a cure but this will take long time. So people are sad that does not grow a lot of hair but I say am happy because this little grow may lead to a cure !

    1. Nobody here know nothing about Samumed. No offense.

      New treatment is coming. I’m optimistic and realistic.


  17. One thing im always concerned with is the quality of new hair growth. Hell, minox helped grow some hair for me… little thin baby hairs that barely pigmented and didnt grow past an inch. I don’t count that as regrowth, and im not sure if all these companies do either. SM may regrow 10%, but what quality is the hair? Can it grow out long like a normal hair or will it always be stunted and less than an inch? Same with all these other new drugs coming our way like Kelopesia. I don’t really think having a hairline with what looks like arm hair is our goal lol.

  18. @ Khourii – idk how much id doubt smaller companies to pull together a solution. Hair loss is complicated because we dont know everything that causes it yet- seems like we keep finding something new all the time.

    But like acne has always been a huge problem, with tons of different treatments from face scrubs, to face masks, proactive, salycic acid, benzoyl peroxide, x out, antibiotics etc. Turns out the one thing that cures 98% of peoples acne is accutane, which is basically just high doses of Vitamin A. Yeah it has side effects in some people (like fin does t?) That can be drastic, but the majority of people tolerate it quite well, myself and 2 sisters included. Took it for 6months and bam, haven’t had acne since I was 18. I feel like hairloss may be similar. So many different things contribute to it, and there are tons of snake oils claiming to cure it, but I just dont feel like its as hard to cure as people think, and that once its all understood and we have a cure people will be shocked we didnt think of it before.

    1. been on accutane 3 times, still comes back but more “normal person” acne now…crazy how you skin changes sooo much when your on the drug, like if you could stay on it your skin would be great, but that’s not safe…

  19. Some Douche scientist grew dinosaur legs on a chicken…. jeez they dont wanna grow hair on men…but all kind of wierd things..hope that chicken eats him…

    1. I get Kerastem in december 2014 at Concept Clinic at Geneva. (I am Swiss). Nothing happens. Also lost from shock loss. Science not proven or tested, only for safety. Cost was 8500 swiss franc maybe about 10000 us dollar. Feels criminal.

      1. They basically charge you and give you nothing in change.. if this is not charlatanism I don’t know what it is.

      2. Can you please share a little bit more with us please ? There is currently a crowd founding going on on another forum to send one member to get a Kerastem treatment. Any information would be very valuable to us.


      3. It seems it s a scam and they only process it “well” in Serbia. Something to dig. Also if you are a high Norwood, nothing to expect except an FUE…

  20. Propecia and Rogaine combined should have been the cure for hair loss or the treatment that stop balding progression and grew back all your hair. Then these new treatments coming would be the no side effect version of the cure treatment.

  21. $10,000 for Kerastem and no results? Sounds like a terrible waste.

    The number one thing i hate about hairloss is knowing that when you get that itch it’s a hair coming out due to be lost forever.

    I might just do a FUE and then wait till something comes along for a more discreet treatment.

    1. Hey Breezy,

      Few days back there was a post about mites. So that might be the reason for itch. I also had itch and thought to try few things. One thing is Potassium permanganate. I have tried this after reading mites post. Just add it to the bucket of water, make the water dark pink and wash hair with it. It has helped getting rid of itch, not sure if its killing mites.

      Hope this helps, it surely cures the itch, don’t think its helping hair.

  22. Danny Devito rocks.

    As an aside, I’m strongly considering taking a daily pumpkin seed oil supplement along with adding pumpkin seed oil to my scalp. Admin’s post a while back about natural cures makes me wanna at least try this inexpensive and harmless treatment. Does anyone else use pumpkin seed oil either topically or in capsule form? That Korean study said men saw on average 40% regrowth. I figured this coupled with PRP treatments (though I can’t afford those) and even laser light therapy could be a great way to buy some time until a better, cellular treatment comes along…especially for people like me who choose to avoid meds like propecia and minoxodil.

    1. I tried it and it caused massive shedding so I stopped it. F that. 40% regrowth is total bs! If it grew 40% none of us on here would be taking Rogaine or propecia. Go ahead and try it you might be a good responder but that Korean study is most likely manipulated and exaggerated.

  23. admin, i love bernie sanders and danny davito but this is way off topic, you should get the scoop on turkish university topical.
    you say its happen many times before ? a university professor? I’m skeptical of that,

    someone here also mentioned it requires a perscription in turkey so it’s not going to be OTC here.. Brotzu is another. i think this is what needs to explored more.

    Thanks for referencing follicle thought going to start looking at them more

  24. Dear egg dude…we are not paying monthly subscription to admin to ask him cover this and cover that… just be happy and thankful for what he is doing…..

    1. lol farhan.. ok?

      i’m not in debt to admin i can research everything admin can without his help. just a nudge of suggestion here i doubt it will be considered. you should give admin some of your money as a donation since you are happy and thankful. me? i’m neutral and neutral nice to have this blog!….but still neutral .

  25. I’ve been using pumpkin seed oil for a year now and it definitely helped me personally i still buy on amazon.. a cure? lol no..

    pumpkin seed oil
    saw 1,500 mg
    flaxseed, coconut oil
    ginko biloba, gotu kola, zinc, mega green tea extract
    soy isoflavones, artichoke

    every day for the last 3 years.. it definitely helps slow and feel healthier but not a cure.. i say “slow down” because i have a fraternal twin brother that I compare myself to

    admin i called paul s. with demodex.. i want to try that experiment out for you all and myself to see where it takes me.. because the biggest reason i take all that B.S. above is it stops my scalp from over producing sebum which causes irritation itchiness burning feeling and hurts like a bitch haven’t experienced that since 2013

    1. Don’t listen to anyone scaring you about fin. Just take brand name Propecia 1mg once a day from a reputable pharmacy. Eat healthy, exercise a few times a week and don’t think about sides because it’s all psychological. I’ve been on it for 14 years with no dick problems or man boobs. Just more hair stayed on my head

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