DA-4001 (or DA-4001C)

A few days ago, one of the guests in the hair loss chat on this site posted about a new topical product from South Korean company Dong-A ST called DA-4001 (also referred to as DA-4001C), whose initial 60 person phase 1 clinical trials were scheduled to have been completed in October 2014. These trials commenced in December 2013 and will largely be limited to testing the safety of the product.

In phase 2 clinical trials, the results of DA-4001 are supposed to be compared with the results of 1ml twice a day Minoxidil 5% topical application. (Note: It seems like DA-4001 might be a type of topical finasteride product, but I am not certain and there is little information on this online).

Even if superior to Minoxidil, it will probably be a few years before DA-4001 can come to market, even if they somehow managed to pass similar regulations in South Korea as in Japan in order to skip phase 3 clinical trials.

Nevertheless, this year has been the most encouraging yet in terms of the number of new topical medications in development to counter balding. Although not as exciting as Histogen or Replicel, these products will still be very effective for a lot of people. Hopefully they will even benefit many people for whom Minoxidil and Finasteride did nothing or caused too many side effects.

7 thoughts on “DA-4001 (or DA-4001C)”

  1. Two of my Korean friends from school were actually mentioning a similar product. They are big on beauty and similar topics there, I have high hopes they’ll make something worth while for hair loss.

  2. Hi, is there any further development reported for this product?

    Are the results published for any of the phase 1 trials?

    Many thanks.

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