CurrentBody LED Hair Regrowth Device

I have covered a number of popular laser hair growth devices on this site in the past. Including the LaserComb and Theradome.

While the vast majority of these devices make use of laser diode light, a new FDA-cleared product called CurrentBody LED hair regrowth device uses only light-emitting diode (LED) light.

LLLT and Hair Growth

In general, readers are skeptical about the hair growth benefits of wave based treatments such as low level light therapy (LLLT) and sound therapy for hair loss.

However, LLLT continues to be covered at every single major hair loss conference. Moreover, new studies keep coming out that tout the benefits of light energy and photobiomodulation (PBM) on scalp hair growth and quality. Including a 2021 one from L’Oreal that found LLLT to downregulate scalp inflammatory biomarkers in men with androgenetic alopecia.

Among the things that laser light can do for scalp health and hair quality include:

  • Stimulate the mitochondria via photon absorption.
  • Reduce inflammation and improve circulation.
  • Increase synthesis and production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
  • Increase nitric oxide (NO) synthesis.
  • Impact gene expression in a number of ways.

CurrentBody LED Hair Regrowth Device

The CurrentBody LED hair regrowth helmet device makes use of 120 red LED bulbs that deliver full scalp coverage. The average power of 18 J/cm² compared to an industry average of 6 J/cm² makes this device three times stronger than other devices on the market. It can be used by both men and women suffering from hair loss.

Note that LED diodes are nowadays much stronger than in the past when it comes to wattage output. They can even power car headlights. Historically, laser diodes were always preferred to LED diodes when it comes to LLLT devices. However, this is no longer true due to technological advancements in LED technology. Laser phototherapy (LPT) devices only use laser diodes.

The wavelength of the red light from this device is 640 nm. See my past post on laser therapy for hair loss and wavelength. Red light wavelength ranges from 400 nm to 700 nm.

The device comes in two sizes:

  1. Small/Medium (Head Measurements: 54cm – 58.7cm).
  2. Medium/Large (Head Measurements: 59.7cm – 63.5cm).

It is charged via a USB cord (but no mains plug is provided). You need to use the device for 10 minutes per day for 16 weeks for visible results. The device won “Best New Product” in the “Tools” category for the Marie Claire 2023 Hair Awards. It was also featured on the UK show “This Morning” as one of Nadine Baggott’s top products to beat hair loss.

The company sent me the below before and after image that shows a very good responder to this treatment. Note that this man is also using topical Minoxidil.

CurrentBody LED Hair Growth
CurrentBody LED device hair regrowth results. Before and after.

My Experiences with CurrentBody’s LED Device

I started using the CurrentBody LED hair regrowth device two days ago. I have never used any other laser device in my life. It was extremely easy to use the helmetlike machine right out of the box. It is also relatively lightweight when considering the large quantity of LEDs inside. Note that the device should never be used on wet hair per the user manual instructions.

After my first 10-minute treatment session, I got a slight burning smell, but I did not see any smoke or melted plastic anywhere! After my second treatment, I got a milder burning smell, but it could also be from my shirt as I had been to a bar earlier. No obvious difference in hair texture in just two days of use.

CurrentBody LED Hair
My CurrentBody LED hair growth device on its stand.

The 120 LED lights make this product look very futuristic. I used it for 10 minutes and it then shut itself off automatically based on an in-built timer.

Due to the short duration of treatment, I did not try to connect the headphones with my phone via bluetooth. That in-built option is available in case you want to listen to any music or podcasts during the 10 minutes of daily treatment.

I have not yet needed to recharge the device, but will probably try charging it via my computer USB port. If that does not work or is too slow, I will recharge via using a USB adaptor connected to an electric wall outlet.

Do note that I am also currently using 0.5 mg Dutasteride twice a week and 2.5 mg oral Minoxidil once per day for my hair loss. The oral Minoxidil seems to be working quite well and I only started using it in November 2022. I have been using the Dutasteride for a few years. So my results with the laser device could have some bias when I update this post in the future.

18 thoughts on “CurrentBody LED Hair Regrowth Device”

  1. Definitely wins the award for most ridiculous looking contraption we’d put on our heads. Yoda likes it, would make me feel like a Jedi Knight!

      1. I made a homemade LED cap for my hair in the past. Seemed to reduce my inflammation and itching, but no hair regrowth at all.

  2. Gotta be honest, that after photo looks like the before but grown out. And combed over. I hate when they do that in photos – let it grow long like that. You can’t tell if there’s really growth. And if you gotta play around with photos like that, it’s not a good sign.

    1. Google, pretty certain there are websites with online docs that prescribe OM now, it’s becoming more popular.

  3. Thanks for the admin’s effort in the field of hair loss. However, laser treatments in all their forms did not achieve effective results in the field of hair loss, while they are very expensive. The most important focus now is on new treatments, their effectiveness, the difference between them, and whether they can be used together or not to obtain more effective results, such as / CosmeRNA vs Pyrilutamide.

  4. lol why on earth would you show product results with a person using an FDA approved thing like minox too? I dont buy it, and one study does not prove its effective either.
    Time will tell, but sometimes its hard to ever get anything more then a trust me bro I regrew some hair!

  5. I talked to Dr. Jeff Donovan and my dermatologist friend in Korea about laser treatments. Both of them said that LLLT devices have only modest (if not very limited) results on hair loss. I also asked them if lasers (e.g. fractional lasers) works if micro-needling has already shown decent results on hair growth. They both think that strong lasers may work well; however, there are only a handful of studies looking into that.

  6. I am not denying that there is no benefit whatsoever to LLLT – however, that before / after picture was conveniently doctored to give the illusion of much more hair coverage in my opinion.

    The lighting is much darker in the after picture – and the camera angle positioning in the after picture is directly focused towards the top of the crown (whereas in the before picture, the focus was directly on the forehead. Obviously, if you are directly looking at the crown of a balding person from above in real life, that person will appear to have “more” scalp coverage of hair as opposed to directly facing his forehead as if you were talking to him / her.

    Anyway, I am praying that at least one of the following treatments undergoes a speedy R&D / trial / approval / distribution process and gets released within the next 3 years. I really think that each of them are game-changers:


    I want to be a NW0 again ASAP because I cannot fathom accepting visible hair loss on the hairline since even having a NW2 in my case looks unacceptable and out of place in the area where I live. In my location, you see a lot of females (even over the age of 40) have a hairline that is significantly better than a NW0. Their hairlines have very pronounced thick temporal points that not only come close to connecting with their eyebrows – but have an upside-down U-shape to it when viewed from above. So how can a female with that kind of superior hairline consider dating me if I have a NW2? I realize that many posters here may not think a NW2 is “severe,” but a NW2 in my location is a stark contrast to what these females have here (I’d rate them to be negative NWs – probably between NW -1 and NW -2).

    And what frustrates me the most is when I see a female submerge their hair in a pool for minutes on end on a sunny and windy day – and then when she emerges her head above the water again, I do not EVER see even one square millimeter of her scalp being exposed in the bright sunlight AND during windy conditions – not ONE.

    Whereas in my case, I avoid submerging my head in the pool at all costs because it is guaranteed that my receding hairline will clearly become visible to everyone whenever my head emerges above the water again. And this would happen despite my attempt to cover the receding hair line with existing hair.

    Furthermore, as a result of my hair loss, I avoid casting myself on webcam during Zoom meetings at my job, avoid conference rooms or bathrooms with bright lights, do not walk into restaurants with fans blowing and never venture outside whenever there is drizzle falling. I spend at least an hour in the bathroom every morning before commuting to work ensuring that the least amount of scalp would be visible to the public before venturing outside.

    Because of this, I ENVY how the majority of females have it so easy in the scalp hair department. They do not have to endure the mental anguish I am experiencing right now. MBP is so unfair – even for those who are “only” a NW2.

    1. May I ask you why you compare yourself to women?

      Its not relevant what their hairline is. What may matter is how you compare to men in your age group.

      In the end if all men were bald you are in a neutral position because ‘straight’ women who are looking for a partner simply have to accept a bald head.

      Not sure how old you are, but if you are serious in your post you definetly need professional help.

      And yes..Zidane looks great being bald. I wouldn’t and most likely many posters on here wouldn’t look good either.

      A bit of perspective goes a long way.

      1. Hi MRKA. Thank you for the reply. You make some good points. I apologize if I came off as a bit arrogant in my previous post. Please note that I am a straight male who does not have any contempt for women in any way.

        Please forgive my wall of text below – but I will give you an explanation below. I would also like you to evaluate if the feelings I have are unusual in any way. It would be appreciated. If any of it offends you in any way, I again would like to apologize:

        I know it sounds very outlandish – but unfortunately, I believe that I developed the female version of Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus complex ever since my hairline started to recede many years ago. However, the only difference is that I have a tremendous envy for possessing women’s scalp hair since their follicles are well-protected from androgens due to estrogen, progesterone, and other aromatase factors. I believe the hair in my temples was unfairly taken away from me – and consequently, I have a lot of resentment at times.

        When I had a NW0 hairline, I felt that my psychological / physiological needs were virtually fulfilled. I had no apparent thoughts of regret, emptiness, or anger.

        As soon as I became afflicted with MBP, I became very depressed as the entire frame of my face changed for the worse – despite “only” transitioning from a NW0 to NW2. I just do not like having a bigger forehead. It does not suit my figure / face at all.

        Up to this current day, whenever I encounter any woman of any age who possess a low, rounded hairline – I immediately get uncomfortable flashbacks of the times when I had an ideal hairline.

        As such, to help “fill” this void I have, I persistently stare at women’s negative Norwood hairlines in public transit, parks, workplaces, etc. and try to admire / study it at a very close distance to them as possible without being deemed as a creep. There is something about female hairlines: not only do I find them attractive – but they also provide me with mental warmth, assuredness, and redemption. The flawless characteristics of them (thickness / growing patterns / texture / shape / virtual lack of transparency) are simply a work of art in my eyes.

        It seems that I cannot eliminate this persistent complex I currently have. It gets worse each passing day. The only event that would cause this complex to cease is when the hairs on my temples are fully restored somehow. Or when I find a female mate that possesses this NW -1 or NW -2 hairline. I will also find solace if my offspring gets bestowed this kind of hairline – which is part of the reason why I prefer to find a wife with this hairline.

  7. The before and after photos are at completely different angles. The before photo accentuates the forehead whereas the after photo is taken more posteriorly on the scalp. I hate when they do this with before/after photos; I’m not gonna even consider buying their product until I see more honest results.

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