CBD Oil, Hemp Extract and Hair Growth

Hemp Seed Oil (without CBD) for Hair Growth.
Hemp seed oil for hair growth. CBD oil is not sold on Amazon.

Update: See my new 2023 post on a CBD oil and hair growth testimonial. Also, I contacted Dr. John Satino and he sent me the before and after photos that I have posted below. The patients are taking cannabidiol rich hemp extract in an emu oil carrier. I have asked Dr. Satino if the second patient is dyeing his hair in the after photo or whether the CBD caused the darkening. Dr. Satino also sent me the following interesting update:

“This is a US Government Registered Study, found on ClinicalTrials.Gov (NCT04842383). I ran the original Minoxidil Study in 1984 for Upjohn, the Finasteride study for Merck in 1989 and the Lexington study for Low Level Laser FDA clearance in 2000. This study follows the required protocol, with scalp tattoo, hair counts , and microscopic hair analysis. The results so far are better than anticipated.

It is a 3 month, 6 month and 1 year study. Our previous study of post menopausal women in 2019 & 2020 showed much promise for the thirty plus participants. This study has enrolled 45 men & women, and we now have fifty percent of our group reaching the 3 to 4 month mark. Just a couple of before and after’s in that group. I will let you know as we get further along.”

CBD Oil Hair Growth.
CBD oil before and after hair growth.
Hemp extract (with cannabidiol) hair growth.
Hemp extract (with cannabidiol) hair growth before and after.

CBD Oil, Hemp Oil and Hair Growth

These past few days, the biggest news in the hair loss world has been in regards to cannabidiol (CBD) rich hemp extract. All due to a new study titled “Hair Regrowth with Cannabidiol-rich Hemp Extract.”

On Reddit, this subject is getting daily coverage. e.g.,

The above mentioned study was authored by Dr. Gregory Smith and Dr. John Satino (who I covered in a past PRP and hair darkening post). The study was done on 35 subjects (28 males, 7 females) with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Each patient used once a day topical hemp extract that contained about 3-4 mg of CBD. Note: CBD oil is often called hemp oil, which is different from hemp seed oil.

The conclusion of this study was insane:

“On average there was statistically significant 93.5% increase in hair after 6 months. All subjects had some regrowth. There were no reported adverse effects.”

“Since the CBD works through novel mechanisms different from finasteride and minoxidil it can be used in conjunction with these current drugs and would be expected to have synergistic effects.”

Men got slightly more growth than women with pattern hair loss. The vertex areas of scalps saw greater hair growth than the temporal areas.

The subjects were given a topical extract (in a 2-oz jar) to apply to the balding areas of their scalp once each morning. The jar was replaced at monthly visits throughout the six-month trial. Each 2-oz jar contained 108 mg of CBD. The subjects therefore used an average daily dose of 3-4 mg topical CBD.

The topical extract was made of high CBD cannabis sativa flower that had been ultra-pulverized into a fine powder. Per lab analysis, it contained 10.78% CBD, and 0.21% THC. There was no detectable THCV or CBDV. This powder was infused into a lanolin base paste and natural emu oil carrier.

Although the study was not funded by private company, it has two major deficiencies:

  1. No before and after photos. (Edit: No longer true. See update to the post at the top).
  2. No control group.

Considering the stupendous results of an almost doubling in hair count (i.e., 100 percent increase), I am very skeptical.

CBD and Hair Stimulation

However, while doing research on this subject, I noticed that there are a number of other supportive studies and articles on the internet. A lot of these suggests that CBD has some benefit when it comes to hair regrowth or at least cessation in hair loss. I remain very suspicious, but am surprised at the amount of information out there in relation to this subject.

Apparently, CBD could benefit hair growth through the endocannabinoid system (ECS); via its impact on the Wnt/β-Catenin pathway; and via influencing the cannabinoid receptor. According to the latest Satino study:

Existing research suggests that THC and other cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) agonists can be used to manage unwanted hair growth. At the same time, CB1 antagonists, such as CBD and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidivarin (CBDV) can be used to promote hair growth.”

Anecdotal reports suggest that CBD oil reduces anxiety, modulates cortisol levels and improves blood flow to the scalp. The last mentioned could just be an imagined effect. When I have four beers, my hair always feels amazing. I get a sensation that my whole body is calm, warm and experiencing much better blood flow. But the latter is definitely scientifically inaccurate.

CBD vs Hemp vs Cannabis vs THC

People often confuse Cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp, Cannabis (Marijuana) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  • CBD and THC are both one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Both are increasingly used for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and symptom reduction from various medical problems. There are some debates about the benefits and long-term effectiveness of cannabinoids, but their popularity keeps growing globally.
  • Cannabis is a plant from which one can make the Cannabis drug (also known as Marijuana).
  • Hemp seed oil and CBD oil both derive from the cannabis plant. However, cannabidiol oil is made using the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant. In contrast, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. The seeds do not contain CBD. Nevertheless, hemp seed oil does contain omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids; gamma-linolenic acid; B vitamins; vitamin D; and various antioxidants.

A Note on Natural and Alternative Treatments

I have covered related subjects in the past such as caffeine and hair growth as well as natural hair loss products. Most such hair loss treatments will never grow back hair on totally bald areas of the scalp.

However, some stimulatory effect on hair growth is quite possible from various herbal remedies and natural products. It should also be noted that even certain smells can grow or thicken existing hair due to the olfactory receptor.

89 thoughts on “CBD Oil, Hemp Extract and Hair Growth”

  1. Agree Snow. No pics or proof? Sounds dodgy. 93.5% hype more like. What pot-head thought up that? I still have a speck of hope left, that in my lifetime I might see an actual reversal of hair loss. And, by a product that is affordable, works long term and won’t harm you. Natural potions that you slap on your head are as old as balls. Btw Admin, I rarely drink-if I had four beers I’d be completely bladdered. Wouldn’t feel anything! Most likely put on a drip and carried off somewhere. Very ‘un-Australian’ of me I know.

    1. Lol @SummyKim! I try not to ever cross 4, but once in a while I fail. Thankfully, I drink slow.

      I would never believe any of this of course, but seems like there are many other studies suggesting the possibility. Hope everyone read the paragraph (starting with “Apparently”) with the 3 study links.

  2. Sad times when we’re still reading articles about how hemp is going to grow hair (it won’t).

    My journey started around 2012… it seemed like help was right around the corner (and here we are still).

  3. I think plenty of peeps and rubbed cannabutter on their scalps for decades (actually more like Millennia) and it would be pretty well known by now if it cured mankinds greatest evil.

  4. These numbers can be really ambiguous without knowing the pre treatment hair density . Going from 1 — > 2 hairs/cm2 is an 100% increase

  5. And if they used it after dermarolling maybe the results would be even better!

    I’m happy to hear more natural products are being studied. But I would also prefer some photographic evidence.

  6. So… no placebo group or control group? They’re just looking at changes from baseline after six months. Pretty suspicious.

    The authors seem pretty sketchy. One operates a transplant clinic and and various companies that shill laser combs, stem cell injections, etc., and has some dubious and unverifiable claims in his bio about involvement with previous research on minoxidil and finasteride; the other sells medical advice and access to independent medical examiners to support disability claims.

    I’m sad that so many people are going to end up wasting time and money on this, and angry that this kind of “research” manages to get published and circulated.

    1. Actually, admin, you mentioned author John Satino once in a post about PRP.

      *Link deleted, as already in post.

      1. Yes, as mentioned in the post itself :-) Make sure to read it entirely, including the 3 studies I mentioned!

    2. Would agree fully, were it not for the other past studies out there (of which I listed 3 important ones in the post, each tackling a different hair loss reason). It might just be something that makes existing hair thicker in all likelihood. People find it easy to believe that certain natural products make nails thicker, but always find it hard to believe if such products can also make hair thicker. My hope is always that thicker hair might make it harder for DHT to kill it off.

      1. I think you could be right, Admin. I’ve just gone past the 5mo stage, using 2ml topical for 8hrs per day, and it seems to have thickened some previously very thin/almost invisible hairs, giving the appearance of regrowth from zero.

        Looking closely, not sure hairs have grown where there were none before. Not convinced yet. The first month was the biggest improvement, but slow from then on. Increase in vellus. A definite improvement, but no miracle cure so far.

        I’m happy to experiment with topical solutions, especially natural, and I loathe naysayers, but I remain level-headed (pun intended). Besides, if people listened to the doubters and didn’t experiment, the world would never advance. I figured it’s worth a punt, and no loss to me.

        However, not sure how long I’ll continue. I’ve read other treaments can take 8-12 months because of hair life cycles. Is that correct or does it vary? Worth carrying on? I’ll probably keep going until 6mo.

        The profs in this study suggested massive results in 3-4mo. Well, not for me. I’m fairly sure I figured out the correct formula, minus lanolin. You could not practically keep this oil on your head 24/7. 2ml is a LOT of oil. Other people could figure out the formula from their paper, like I did. They haven’t been shy. I’m using full spectrum CBD, which is the closest I could get to what they stated, but there’s still a difference.

        1. Is there anywhere you could share some before and after pics pete? Also how is your hair now? I also started with my own cbd topical 10 days ago and will keep you guys up to date.

          1. Sboubars,

            I shared on Reddit and then deleted.

            These pictures are deliberatly very poor quality because I’m not ready to share my full findings yet, plus I’ve been stung by people stealing my pictures in the past, but it gives you an idea.

            This is 0-5 month mark. Hair shaved same length.


            This is 0-5 month with letting my hair grow a bit.


            I’m letting my hair grow now. Nots of gaps and thin, but it’s strange to see hair there after 20 years of shaving my head.

            In reality, I have no idea if there’s hair regrowth or just thickening of the very thin and vellus hairs that may have already been there, but I think it is regrowing. However, I like to lean on the pessimistic side with everything, and try to remain open-minded. Naysayers can go F themselves. I prefer to experiment and make my own mind up. Science wouldn’t progress otherwise.

            As I’ve said before, when I have definitive, irefutable proof of substantial regrowth, I’ll share proper pics then. It’ll be 6 months next week of 8 hours per day of this topical solution. I’m not buying their stated massive results in just a few short months (without proof), but maybe there’s better results for younger people and catching it early. I’m 45 and my late father was bald.

            I noticed the biggest change in the first month, so stick with it and see. Make sure you triple check the solution formula is correct to their paper. Too much CBD is bad, mmmkay.

                1. Yeah. It’s quite astonishing, actually. In normal light, the difference is huge. However, I take those pictures in a bathroom with three lights at differnt locations, meaning they highlight the fact the hair is thin. Makes it look light brown/blonde/grey. In normal light, my hair is dark brown, but I’ve dyed the grey out since my twenties. I have a hairline for the first time in 15+ years. Will see if it progresses. I only put it on 8 hours a day.

                  Plus, I was with you on the fact it could be thickening hair, but is seems to have gone past that now. Anti-inflamatory makes sense, but no idea how or why it could be blocking DHT.

                  Still a way to go. I’ll stick with it.

                  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  7. I ordered some to try. Idk about updating you all with results because I’ve been dermapen + min so it wouldn’t be reliable data for the outcome.

  8. @Cowlick are you going to use an actual powder mixed in emu oil like they used in the study?

    Or are you going for an oil?

    I believe using the wrong concentration of CBD can have the adverse effects and actually create more hair loss.

    1. I just picked up one of the hairloss oil blends from Amazon with: Hemp oil, Castor oil, Coconut, Olive, Rosemary, Lavender & Peppermint. There are a few different kinds on there. I don’t expect much but meh whatever.

      1. Just be aware that hemp oil, hemp seed oil and CBD oil labels are often used incorrectly or interchangeably (misleading).

        1. Thank you! Yeah you’re right. The one I picked up is hemp oil. The CBD extract ones are no where near 108mg they’re much higher.

  9. My money is on this doing absolutely nothing. Haven’t we all been through this a thousand times? A “natural” product someone stumbled upon….and what, the camera broke so no pictures? It’s almost laughable without a single photo. I mean really. What excuse do they have for not providing photos? Oh, we’re just supposed to take their word on it. Gotcha.

    They knew we’d want photos. They’re in the hair loss industry. They knew. Yet no photos. Not even a mention about photos. They never thought to document the “success” with photos? Even I know that much! It’s a study! There’s no excuse.

  10. If anyone tries this, please do it exactly the way they did in this study and please provide before and after pictures. You can post before and after on Reddit sub Reddit “tressless”.

  11. Whoever would like to debunk this company and their ostrich eggs product please save me the temptation from buying 3 month’s worth:


    1. Thanks Anthony,
      They seem to be very confident with thier product.

      I am optimistic.
      And believe cause of (scientism not science) we tend to have a unjustified pessimism that a cure from natural product could be effective .

      Also triple hair (Therapy -16) called Rizen for men now are claiming similar claims.

      I am optimistic.

    2. Woah, I was not expecting that. Emu oil in one post, and ostrich antibodies here.

      Feathers up top would be fine with me, frankly.

      1. Seems they are so confident in their product that they are giving a free 3 month supply in an exchange of a before photo only !
        worth giving it try .

  12. Hey guys, after three months I start to see the first results of derma roller =) Once a week on the front hairline, “0.5 mm” with the use of 5% minoxidil, the alcohol contained in minoxidil also works as a disinfectant.

    I also use 1mg of finasteride everyday and nizoral 2% once a week. I am 49 years old and I have been fighting baldness since I was 20, if none of the products mentioned had been available, I would have gone completely bald at 25.
    This message is for you very young people, baldness sucks but luckily we have some weapons to fight it. Important is not to waste time and start treatments as soon as possible. Nowadays with generic drugs there is no need to spend a fortune.

    Good luck with the hope that this damn baldness can become a thing of the past as soon as possible.

  13. Lorence consider yourself lucky to have been able to use fin and minox all these years without bad sides. Wish I could.

  14. There will be a solution that fully reverses male pattern baldness and regrows hair, and it’ll be available to all who want it next year. Also, I just read The Secret.

    1. Sorry Slick, deleted my comment. Was making fun of myself and meant to say Millennial or slightly older, not Boomer! Secret was big when I was in my mid-20s, and I assumed you read it some years ago too. Am not really a fan of these generation labels.

      BTW — as far as I know, Boomer is not condescending. Ok Boomer is.

      1. Correct! I’m absolutely upper-limit millennial. And I’m happy that I’m perceived as less old. Agreed that “boomer” may not always be negative based on context.. but it tends towards dismissive.

        BTW.. I’m going to get SMP touch ups this weekend (darken to reverse 1 year of fading). Subtle SMP plus buzzed hair transplants on top really does make me look better and younger (hair transplants look very 3D and are touchable.. really helps SMP look soft). I’ve since gotten tan and been working out. I’ll try to send a photo showing the result in a few weeks. I consider the combo a partial cure for extreme NW. It’s not a flowing head of hair, but it’s manly, frames the face, and makes a guy feel younger without male pattern. I can probably change my name from Slick to Buzz :-)

  15. Lorence I am on my 6th week of dermarolling my hairline with 5% rogaine and 1.5mm stamp. I stamp till hairline is pinkish red but but not bloody. I apply rogaine the next day. Do you apply right after rolling? I don’t see any results yet but I’ll keep doing it.

    1. I apply minoxidil right after and I push the derma roller to a bleeding point, yes it’s painful … but as we know … no pain no gain.

  16. Very interesting article.

    @Admin: There are many daycare products containing CBD on the market, but obviously, none of them has the same chemical profile of the paste used in this study (esp. regarding CBD %).

    The study mentions that lower doses seem to promote hair growth, while much higher doses have an antagonistic effect. In this regard, the paper cites a study that tested the effect of different CBD doses on microdissected tissue.

    For the interested reader who would like to try a similar regiment, would it be possible to ask Dr. Satino for his personal opinion, which amount of daily CBD application might be within a reasonable range? As an exact replication of the paste’s formula is momentary impossible, would he argue towards a slightly higher or lower dosage (for example, would a daily routine of approximately 5mg CBD still be reasonable)? I would like to have his educated opinion on this topic, even though I understand that much more research would be necessary to find a definite answer to this question.

  17. Those new pics look so dubious. Why do they never show pics using a professional camera and flash, with the patient sitting in a set position (chin rest) first; with parted hair in the middle of the vertex, then second; with hair parted and shot on both sides of the vertex, third; hair combed forward from the crown. All with the head locked into position at all times, and shot from the exact same positions. It’s called continuity. It ain’t that hard! The Skin & Cancer Foundation in Melb, Aust provide that service for $40 a pop with a referral from any decent Derm. They then give you an updated USB stick with all the pics (past and present) with the dates included . Had it done several times. One year won’t look any different to the next, unless there’s been hair growth or loss.

  18. @ Admin thanks for the before after pics. If this is the result after only 6 months and without side effects this is huge!

    Could you maybe ask him if this could be available soon or check with a pharmacy if this could be compounded?

  19. Super confused! A few thoughts:

    1) The authors are from the US – a plus.

    2) The choose to publish the study in a cannabis magazine and not a hair related magazine which is strange to say the least with that good of a result. Not only that – I couldn’t even find the magazine’s impact factor or h-score which may be because it’s quite new but anyway it means it cannot be counted as reliable currently – big minus.

    3) The before/after photos are the best I’ve ever seen in a study – if they fake results I assume they wouldn’t lie that big (I both guess and hope) – a plus

    4) The photos seems to me like more than 100% improvement so with the average at ~100% I wonder if there are some who are responders and some who are non-responders.

    5) Please update when you have more info and please ask them – if the results are so impressive how come they don’t get published in a reputable hair-loss magazine?


    1. They published in a CANNABIS MAGAZINE?? Oh boy, I hadn’t caught that before. Clearly this is a team that is devoted to the scientific method.

  20. Admin please consider asking the author to provide a regimen we could follow. Specific products or specific ingrediant amounts would be fantastic. Thanks

    1. Yes, it would be interesting what product and where to buy it. This is a natural product so it could be added in another existing hair tonicum.

  21. You guys still talking about CBD oil scam here lol. Sht doesn’t work, come on….. plus high levels of CBD oil can cause liver and kidney issues. CBD oil is the next scam super food craze like avocados and kale. Stop thinking this crap will work. Have people not learned a single thing all these years about the mpb industry….

    1. The beauty of this treatment is the fact that it doesn’t require any special apparatus but only simple ingredients which are already widely available in the market. I don’t think we should get over-excited for the moment, but I cannot see the big money printing scheme behind it. This community can only work if we keep an open mind and open eyes. There is no use in becoming cynical.

      Personally, I will definitely try it out. Not much to lose, I guess.

      I am grateful for any researcher who thinks out of the box and tries new ways to tackle this problem.

  22. Hey admin I thought you might find this interesting, I saw a new report on Bloomberg quicktakes on YouTube. Of a computer system called HUMAN CELL ATLAS where there able to map out every single cell in the human body whether it’s a organ or skin cell or tongue cells it’ll be able to map every single cell and be able to create better cures and treatments. Just wanted to let you know .

    1. Thanks! Will check out in next few days. Had crazy day as my mom’s hair dye messed up her right eye bad. Scary swollen.

  23. Here, here Mjones. Imagine putting that gunk on your head in the first place?! You’d end up smelling like one of Willie Nelson’s old bongs.

  24. The table in the pdf show that the change (%) for the males range from 0 to 357 %. I think it is not necessary to speculate that the two photos were taken from the upper range of the participants. It is only interesting if there are comparison photos from all participants and not only from the best two.

    1. Why would you like to see a picture of the guy who had no change in hair count? Each participant’s outcome is documented in the article, and I don’t know of any medical magazine publication which shows photos for each participant. If this were the case, you would probably have to print a separate magazine only for this one article itself. In general, researchers will tend to publish photos that show noteworthy changes.

      Don’t misunderstand me. I would also prefer more picture material, especially regarding the previously mentioned scalp tattoos and microscopic hair analysis. The shared pictures are not ideal. It’s still great that Dr. Santino reacts to the criticism and informally shared some of his material with us. I hope we will be able to see more at a later stage.

  25. It sounds like there’s two cbd studies here:
    Study 1. Completed in 6 months using pulverized cbd powder, emu and lanolin oil
    Study 2. In progress using cbd rich hemp oil, peppermint emu and lanolin oil

    Which studies are the pics from? Is the first pic from study 1 and 2nd pic from study 2?

    1. Yeah I was also confused about the 6 month versus ongoing stuff. I sent Dr. Satino a question about that one after photo having darker hair, but he never replied. Will just leave as is for now and wait for him to get back to me.

  26. Sorry to ask this, but should this be legit, when should we expect a product launch and in what form (over the counter…)?

    Thx in advance.

  27. Yep. Am doing it now. I’m at around 6 weeks in and I have taken photos. Definite increase. Took me a while to figure out the correct formula. Whether or not the regrowth keeps going from here on, remains to be seen. I’m 45 and have been going bald since my late twenties. Definite increase in vellus hairs – I look with handheld microscope – and now have a fuzzy head. Hairline has moved down slightly, as have temporal areas. Not noticed much difference with the monk’s patch at back, but still early days. Will see if the increase in vellus promotes terminal. I have never tried any other treatments before.

  28. I bought CBD isolate as, after some study I assume that’s what the pulverized CBD stuff was? I mixed with emu oil in the same quantity as the study but stopped after four days because my hair was an oily mess and going to bed every night with thin oily hair is not a look. I had to shower every morning to wash it out. I’m considering mixing the powder with my minox. Although last month I started using 10%minox and dermarolling, so it will be hard to tell what is the extra percent minox/rolling and what is the CBD. So it’s not very helpful, sorry guys.

    1. I’m using CBD oli + Emu Oil + Peppermint oil in the correct amounts, and it is definitely an oily mess. I acidentally touched my head against a wall. Tried soap and all manner of stuff to try and get rid of the mark. Wound up having to paint over it. I don’t keep it on 24/7 because that would be impratcal. I work from home, so it’s easier for me. I put it on around 10am, and rub off the excess at 6pm. Before bed, I wash it all off with soap and water / shower. I guess the Lanolin might be added as not only a moisteriser, but to make it more paste-like, rather than oil. I haven’t added that. I just mix up a month’s batch and slap the on the oil 2ml at a time.

  29. FYI — Dr. Satino posted the following comment in my November 2021 post titled “A New Dawn in Baldness Treatments”:

    John Satino / Greg Smith MD
    NOVEMBER 9, 2021

    Just completing a 60 patient study using Varin topical Hemp oil, proceeded by a 30 patient study last year on post menopaused females. Results have been extremely good. I was the research Coordinator for the Minoxidil Study (Upjohn) 1984 Finasteride Study (Merck) 1989. Study for FDA clearance, Low level Laser ( Lexington Int. 2003) all three FDA cleared hair treatment modalities. The Hemp derivative evidently has an effect on Low Grade Inflammation. (Registered Clinicial Trials .Gov) US library of Medicine NCT04842383 Identifier No.

  30. Admin, have you seen the U.S. Senate unanimously approved the Marijuana Reform Bill? Opens the door for research into marijuana, including CBD, and encourages the FDA to develop cannabis-derived medicines.

    So this means the pros, cons, and any side effects can be properly, rigorously researched, and fully tested. Potentially helpful drugs will be developed from the high-level exploration.

    Let’s hope it then pushes away the pseudoscience that surounds CBD/weed/hemp, along with the naysayers, plus the wild, unrpoven ‘facts’ some people spout.

  31. Initially, when we investigated CBD as a therapeutic haircare ingredient for scalp and hair, we were impressed primarily with research supporting the effects on sebum production and inflammation. Certainly, when there’s less inflammation, hair growth improves. This research gives us some hints that there may be direct CBD effects on hair growth via WNT pathway and cannabinoid receptors. Very interesting! Sincerely, Dr Bauman

  32. I would like to dare the experiment. Can someone tell me exactly how to proceed? I have already ordered the oil, what else do I need? How exactly should I use it? Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep you up to date on the effect.

  33. Admin, have you heard anything more from this study? It’s been over a year now. Do they have more to report? Have they stopped it? Expanded? It’s radio silence, which is never good news.

  34. would it be ideal to get this tricomax?
    They claim to have the same hemp oil and everything that the trial used. Idk if I should get this from amazon or try to find it locally. Because I’m not a cbd expert whatsoever.


    1. admin, I want to try the cbd experiment. Do you think the product from Amazon tricomax would work or should I just try to find local cbd? I just don’t know how potent the cbd needs to be or is at the local stores.

      I tried to purchase the kind in the study from their website…however you must be running a company to do so.

      1. If you get the strength wrong, you’ll cause hair to fall out.

        Looks like they conducted this study over too short of a time frame (unless they’re continuing without reporting). These things take years to prove. If they’ve already created a product from the study (I’ve not looked, but guess that’s what you’re saying) then my opinion is it’s too rushed to market, and will also be vastly overpriced. I could be wrong. I’d say wait it out until others report full results over a couple of years. Again, only my opinion, not advice.

        1. Yes there is already a product that uses their research. It’s called tricomax. As far as making it myself, (which I decided to do)… How much cbd oil did you use?

          I have a premade oinment of cbd oil and peppermint oil which I add tomy emu oil I just received today. But its difficult to get the dosage right with the ointment. I will be switching to cbd oil soon as Im almost out of the ointment

          1. Sorry, but I’m not going to advise until I’m sure of the personal results, and then I’ll share in full once I’m confident. I have results, but not 100% sure on regrowth vs thickening of very fine hairs.

            As for the mix: For instance, there are two types of peppermint oil, and you must use the right one. You can Google research them both to figure it out for yourself. Emu oil is just the carrier as it’s fine-particle. CBD oil strength/amount used per 60ml is critical. Don’t guess it, otherwise you’ll cause more harm than good.

            My strong recommendation is wait.

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