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Is Porn and not Propecia Causing your Erectile Dysfunction?

The most popular article in today’s Guardian newspaper is titled:

“Is porn making young men impotent?”

One of the astonishing statements in the article is that between 14% and 35% of young men now suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Until 2002, this figure was around 2%.

What changed after 2002? According to the article, its the proliferation of readily available high-definition internet pornography. And faster internet speeds and free streaming, especially after 2008. Clinical studies also suggest a correlation between internet pornography addiction and sexual dysfunctions.

What will happen to men in the coming years, with the widespread availability of 5G internet speeds and lifelike female sex robots!?

Is it Propecia or Porn that is causing your ED?

Finasteride Erectile Dysfunction PillsOver the years, there has been huge controversy when it comes to how often Propecia causes erectile dysfunction and other sexual side effects in men.

Almost all major studies suggest that Propecia (Finasteride) does not cause permanent sexual side effects in the vast majority of men. Most of these studies conclude that less than 1% of men end up with permanent erectile dysfunction as a result of taking Propecia.

On the other hand, internet forum and blog comments seem to suggest that this number is substantially higher. Of course this could be due to the fact that people with side effects are typically the most vocal and vociferous. There is a renowned online group called Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation that has publicized this issue regularly and effectively.

In any event, before you conclude that your erectile dysfunction is definitely caused by Finasteride, please remember that there are other potential causes too. Some unfortunate men will have sexual dysfunction issues due to genetics.

Others will have blood flow issues that result in erectile dysfunction. This is especially true when it comes to men who are obese, or have diabetes, or have high blood pressure, or are just getting older.

Research has also blamed excessive chemicals, pesticides and even estrogen in the environment for increasing rates of male sexual problems. Cycling, laptop usage, depression and many other factors have also been blamed.

Most significantly, it now seems that the biggest reason by far for erectile dysfunction in young men could be “watching too much porn”! A shocking development, although not entirely unexpected in hindsight.

Note: The NoFap forum has several sections that can aid people who are trying to stop or reduce their intake of pornography. Reddit also has some help for you.