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HLC2020 Newsletter Subscription

HLC2020 Newsletter
HairLossCure2020 Newsletter.

In the distant past, I created an e-mail subscription option on this site for newsletters, important updates and free product samples. However, the plugin that I used caused some problems and I had to stop accepting submissions. Now I am restarting with a new plugin and hopefully things go better.

Newsletter Signup

Just enter your e-mail address in the field below and then click on the subscribe button. I will only contact you on rare occassions when I get free product samples or want to send out a newspaper.

Free Product Samples

Every year, I get free samples of hair loss products sent to me. If you have signed up for the above e-mail list, I will e-mail you first. Sometimes, product manufacturers also want me to offer a free sample via their own website submission criteria.

This week, CosmeRNA contacted me and said that they are willing to give out free samples to this site’s readers in return for product reviews. They are looking for 10 people to try out their product for 6 months.

Each participant will get 2 complimentary bottles (6mL). i.e., what would currently cost around $750. This is a really great offer. Initially, you will just get one bottle. Thereafter, once you finish the first one, you will get the second bottle in exchange for a product review.

If you are interested, please sign up through the below survey. Your responses will enable the company to pick only the most suitable candidates. I expect there to be hundreds of submissions, so please do not have high expectations of being selected.

Free CosmeRNA Samples: Complete This Survey


Please note that I am not responsible for what any company that provides free product samples ultimately does. Moreover, for any products that you ever get in this manner, do your own research about potential side effects. It is always best to consult a doctor first before trying out any hair loss product.