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Cricket Player Hair Transplant Boom

The ICC Cricket World Cup starts in India on October 5, 2023. Although less than 20 countries play this sport seriously, it is a major sporting event in the Commonwealth of Nations. While reading about this subject this week, I came to the realization that hair transplants are becoming very popular amongst cricket players.

Cricketers Get Hair Transplants

In the past, I covered the hair transplants of the late Australian cricketing legend and ex-vice-captain Shane Warne. Him and Graham Gooch (ex-England captain) were perhaps the first cricket superstars who went public with their hair transplant procedures. Both underwent their transplants and other hair loss treatments at Advanced Hair Studio (UK).

South African cricket great Jacques Kallis also underwent a hair restoration procedure at Advanced Hair Studio (South Africa). And New Zealand ex-captain Martin Crowe also went to the same clinic in a different country. However both of them seem to have started with a non-surgical hair replacement procedure (called Strand-by-Strand® Cosmetic) that seems to be a bit similar to an artificial hair transplant.

This week, the Daily Mail had an article about England cricket team captain Ben Stokes and his 2018 hair transplant. It seems to have turned out great and he is very pleased with the results. His five year before-and-after photos were released by Wimpole Clinic (UK).

According to Mr. Stokes:

“Some of his England team-mates have also undergone similar transplants after discussions in the dressing room, while others are contemplating it.”

Eugenix Hair Sciences

Considering that the center of the cricketing world is in India, it is not surprising that locally based clinics treat cricketers with hair loss regularly. However, I was still very impressed with Eugenix Hair Sciences ability to get so many cricketers to come to them for their hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Cricket Player Azharuddin
Hair transplant before and after 1-year in ex-cricket player Mohammad Azharuddin. Source: Eugenix Hair Sciences.

Eugenix’s hair restoration surgeons have performed a number of hair transplants on cricket superstars (both past and present). Clinic co-founder Dr. Arika Bansal wrote a recent article on Linkedin about former Indian cricket team captain Mohammad Azharuddin’s two hair transplants at their clinic. In his first procedure in 2021, he got 4,240 grafts, all from the scalp. In his second procedure in 2022, Mr. Azharuddin got a body hair transplant procedure (around 4,000 grafts from his beard and calf regions) due to lack of scalp donor.

On Instagram, Eugenix’s other co-founder Dr. Pradeep Sethi recently posted a great video about cricketer Mohammed Shami’s hair transplant at their clinic. Mr. Shami is playing in the upcoming World Cup.

Other well known Indian cricket payers who got hair restoration surgeries include ex-vice captains Virender Sehwag at Medlinks and Ravi Shastri; and ex-captains Sourav Ganguly and Gautam Gambhir.