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A few days later than usual due to the major new developments that I had to discuss in my prior two posts.


— Denmark’s Harklinikken and its natural hair growth products are definitely not a miracle cure for hair loss. However, it seems like it may have some benefits per the NY Times. And the company has major expansion plans for the US market. Their product is derived from cow’s milk and various plants. Among Harklinikken’s major proponents is Ricki Lake.

— I covered Dr. Lu Le and his team’s groundbreaking discovery related to the biological processes behind both hair loss and grey hair in a post from May of this year. Now their local Dallas newspaper has much more detailed coverage of Dr. Le and his work. An interesting read.

— The first ever International Hair Restoration Conference was held in Vancouver, Canada in April 2017. During the past two months, the organizer has been releasing some interesting videos from the conference, including from the reclusive Dr. Kevin McElwee (Replicel) and Dr. Ray Woods (FUE hair transplant pioneer). Note that Dr. McElwee wrote most of the material on keratin.com (and he used to run the now nonexistent hair loss forums on that site). Moreover, he is a co-author of an interesting new paper on hair loss  titled “Experimental and early investigational drugs for androgenetic alopecia“.

— Histogen’s proprietary “multipotent cell conditioned media” will be marketed by leading global cosmetics concern Allergan via the Regenica line of product. Although not related to Histogen’s main Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) hair loss product, it is worth noting that Allergan has several hair loss products (Bimatoprost and Setipiprant) that it is also developing. Perhaps they could purchase the rights to the HSC product in the future too?

Very interesting study from Iran. Conclusion: “Our data showed that injection of a combination of adult human cultured dermal papilla and epithelial cells could induce hair growth in nude mice”.

And now on to medical items of interest:

US scientists make genetically modified embryo. First ever case in the US.

Breakthrough device heals organs via touch. Extremely hard to believe, but the research comes from a reputable university. The device delivers new DNA or RNA into living skin cells in order to change their function. Video here.

— Scientists successfully make old human cells younger via lengthening telomeres.

— Some retinas are indestructible and do not need regeneration:

Trump Hair Eclipse

Harvesting the blood of the young.

New high resolution 3D printing of live tissues.

Blood test detects Alzheimer’s plaques in brain.

Stem cell brain implants could extend lifespan 10-15 percent.

3D printing revolutionizing plastic surgery.

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  1. If COOL really can regenerate complete skin, my money’s on them to cure baldness along with it. It’s beautiful, because skipping FDA regs and pumping out follicles for re-implantation just isn’t a drug that requires clinical trials. And finally, reproducing skin and follicles is something that the establishment hair loss industry cannot squelch and buy out, because there are so many other applications for growing skin that are much bigger than hair loss. We’d have a cure by now if not for the many doctors and wig dealers making billions off the recurring payments of bald people (the industry likely all making payments to the society for keeping people bald). It’d be amazing to see an undeniable cure fly right over them!

      1. Let’s just hope COOL actually does roll out a real skin regeneration product in 2018 as they’ve claimed. If that happens, it’ll be the fastest possible route to a baldness cure, because all they’ll have to do is focus their attention on creating skalp skin with denser longer hair as compared to “regular” skin. There shouldn’t be any clinical FDA process if they don’t need it for next year’s regular skin product. Just start making unlimited scalp hair for implantation. Actually, the hair transplant surgeons might love this as opposed to blocking its progress, since they’ll still be needed for planting and it’ll drastically improve their capability. I really hope this works out soon!

        If not.. we still got jak inhibitors and lactate stuff! :-)

  2. Admin, you must have mad internet search skills or some-type of alert system, as some of these “items of interest” you really have to dig for. It ebbs and flow, but your efforts are appreciated.

    1. Thanks:-) My past job experience, Google Alerts, user emails and comments, hair loss forum threads, and Reddit futurology all help.

  3. Thank you Admin, great Job again!
    And PolarityTE, wow! What amazed me the most was following part. I think this is huge!!!

    ” It’s still early days, but the path-to-market is fast for an autologous (self) tissue transplant. FDA doesn’t even require human trials for its regulatory clearance. To that end, the company recently announced the successful grafting of “regenerated full-thickness, organized skin and hair follicles in third-degree burn wounds” in pigs. The team is now looking ahead to a first-in-human trial in the third-quarter of 2017 and a possible roll out of the product early next year. ”

    Well and market sees this as well. Shares are still solid 6 times higher than one year ago. Investors obviously see great potential in COOL.

  4. Egghead, good question! If PolarityTE can go that fast why do all the other Pharma companies, universities and Startups progress so slow!? There are so many companies which develop and do research with autologous tissue as well. … Come on! Just do it!

  5. polarityte with skinte and follica wound device could be the cure i think … i believe in science have faith guys is the only we have or shave it and accepted like the rock vin diesel and staythan.many kisses admin

  6. Not sure why everyone is so hyped about Polarity TE. Its great for burn victims but not for us. Those new hair follicles will still be damaged by dht in our blood. They won’t be immune to it. Plus do you plan on burning your scalp off and applying polarity on your head waiting for it to fully grow back 100,000 hairs lol. It’s probably coming out quick because it actually works and really grows back skin. Unlike hair loss products that are mostly scams except for Rogaine and propecia. Plus anything for hair loss will always take 10+ years to market because we are a joke to the medical industry.

  7. Why is this in “brief terms of interest”? This news (PolarityTE) is huge, one of the biggest on this site in years, and product is coming in early 2018.

  8. Is Lactate the real deal guys?

    Here’s what I looked up recently:

    -Lactate was shown to mediate inflammation, a huge role in hair loss that leads to itching and miniaturization of the hair follicle.

    -DHT causes less lactate production

    -Low lactate related to seb. dermatitis of the skin

    -Lactate is elevated in wounds which is the concept that has been most studied recently. Wounding + Topical application may be something

    -Lactate promotes PGE2 synthesis

    -A lot of estrogen based therapies created some serious regrowth for people with obvious side effects, but estrogen has also been linked to increase of lactate

    Lactate slows down our immune system from being wild and causing issues such as hair loss and acne

    1. Could this be the real reason that testosterone causes hair loss? As it has the opposite effect to estrogen (as in blocking Lactate).

  9. I think it’s time one of us contact Polarity TE and ask the obvious follow up question here. I tried to hunt for a contact all I saw was twitter. Admin do you have any plans on double checking whether this company intends on implementing AGA?

    I wonder if 2018 will bring us some sort of functional treatment.

    1. Will these drugs be able to increase the number of dermal papilla cells within each follicle? That is the main question.
      Because, even if they manage to wake up dormant follicles, they would still be miniature and hair that would come out of them would not be proper quality. So, will they be able to increase number od DP cells is the right question.

      1. Just another study that knows nothing about AGA expecting that because some compound caused hair to grow on a mouse that it could cure pattern baldness.

        Nothing to see here.

  10. Can somone explain what is happening on HLT concerning Brotzu? Fidia deleted its patents in many countries? What does it really mean? It is over?

  11. *SIGH*
    I wonder there will ever be a cure for male pattern baldness. This just so depressing that the fact that we can’t find a cure for something that’s been around for over 2000 years.

    3 more years till 2020 I guess.

  12. But 2000 years before, there was also an age where chemie was alchemie and people try to find cure for death by using spiritual powers. The way of science was definitive in another level, so i would not compair it with now. The level of scientific projects also getting more and more complex. Things we see in the movies before 20-30 years are not a subject of science finction anymore. Just look at the crispr for example.

  13. Well its official thorn medical has closed their AGA attempt. They sold out to teknisity who is listing on NYSE but they just emailed me to say the project is officially over. No surprise there.

      1. nothing! Newrah is just trolling to create some falce hype to feel better…..

        some talh about fidia patent outside EU. nothing to do about anything with the Brotzu lotion!

        Lets hope this work a bit and get out in 2018.

  14. There should have a been a new treatment better than Rogaine and Propecia in late 2000s like 2007 or 8. Now end of 2010s hair cloning should be out. It’s absolutely pathetic that we only have 2 approved drugs that work for mpb that were out released 20 and 30 years ago. Just sad. Starting to lose hope again. If follica busts then I will just give up. This sht is just down right exhausting and annoying now.

    1. Ya kinda seems like male pattern baldness is just too complex a system to be fully understood to develope a functional cure and the fact that besides making shampoo and hair dyes nobody really gives a ****. Everyone will just keep beating that dead horse and suggest fin min and tranplants for years to come not that they don’t work they just don’t work for everyone and they don’t provide the ideal outcome. Actually I’m confident a maintainance treatment is in the foreseeable future but a funtional cure that gives all your hair back is beyond our generation from my perspective.

      1. They already should have developed a drug that blocks a5-R and DHT completely in the scalp, without going systematic and without the sides of FIN or DUT. FIN was introduced in 1992 for prostate and in 1997 for AGA/MPB. So they had 20 years to improve it or invent new stuff that is more effective and especially safer than FIN/DUT. One example of how slow they act is the fact that topical FIN is sold by H&W, but it took them 20 years since oral FIN!

        Most of us don’t have the feeling they are willing to do their utmost to help AGA sufferers. So I agree with Mjones, what is left for us when Follica fails? Thorne just a bunch of idiots, Tissuse is stuck and waiting for our Japanese friend to pass the final hurdle in follicle cloning (I thought the Germans were his competitors?!), Histogen is extremely silent, Shiseido …, Samumed … ???

  15. I know this is a bit out of topic but I have always wondered why those bio compatible hair implants haven’t been perfected yet. From what I understand the risks are infection, excessive scarring and the material not desintegrating over time, leaving rests of it under the scalp, which is dangerous.
    Couldn’t they have tried to figure out some kind of material that doesn’t cause excessive scarring, is compatible and degrades within the course of 2 years, for example? So you go back to the clinic every two years to get more hair added.. I know it’s easier said than done but technology has been so advanced they could be trying to figure it out.
    We currently have so many temporary kinds of fillers that can be placed under the skin safely, I don’t know why we can’t do that with hair :/

  16. @ Pinotq, I am back for some dermaTrolling :)

    Just had my 8th session, 4 weeks of rolling. From now on I will turn to the exact regimen of the Dhurat study, so rolling once a week instead of twice a week. I don’t see any major effect so far, except for less shiny and less inflamed scalp. Rolling now is less painful than during the first sessions, don’t know why…

    Is it correct that we can see results from week 6 onwards?
    How is it possible that patient 1 had instant regrowth? Because this was after 12 weeks, look how long the hairs are

    1. My recollection, If you read the study carefully, you will see that they shaved the heads at the beginning of the study and at 12 weeks. I believe those photos were taken at the 8 month follow up. They say the first signs of new hair growth were at 6 weeks but that is probably under magnification. The later study I believe had a slower range for new growth and it was closer to 3 months. So there is a range. I have some more good info I will post later when I have more time.

    2. In the second Dhurat study, the growth started after 8-10 sessions but since they went every other week after the first 4, that means the growth started between 12-16 weeks. So there is a wide range and possibly at the slower end if you go every other week.

    3. Here is the enlightening news. What I think I have learned is that what Dhurat has done, what the bloody forum rollers have done, and what is done with PRP/Acell in a doctors office are very different things. My doctor, without quantifying the extent of the benefit, believes that micro-needling is beneficial and does not doubt the studies. But he also said that what you do at home has to be very gentle and mild. What is theoretically happening with micro-needling is that cells in the upper layer are sending signals chemically/electrically to the follicles below. The benefit does not occur by wounding down to the lower layers of the scalp. I have posted this before but if you are micro-needling, this is a must read and pretty much confirms this line of thought: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3921236/ Note the healing phases outlined in the study and the 7-14 day inflammation phase for wounds deeper than a micro-needle. If you micro-needle to a depth of drawing blood on a weekly basis, you likely never get out of the inflammation phase. On the other hand, when you get PRP, Acell, etc. from a doctor, they are doing something all together different. They are going deeper to the follicular level to inject growth factors, extra-cellular matrix, etc. And these treatments are typically recommended no sooner than a month a part. I still can’t personally confirm that it works but once you buy the roller or device, it’s free, and if you do it correctly its a zero pain 20 minute treatment once a week.

    1. @Newerah

      If you are thinking that we are going to have a cure and recover our baby hair, you are wrong.
      You have to realize that the hair is as complex as other organ in the body or more than any other. With so many years of research in other areas we still can not do it. Much less with the hair.
      Most of the research we are talking about is just smoking. On the one hand to deceive investors for another to gain investment in other areas.
      I assure you that the only treatment that we will have in the next few years will be something that will wark on the ability to increase hair time on the anagen face.
      Minoxidil does this but only shows itself in body hair. On head is more of a purely statistical level.
      Everyone is happy because there are dozens of companies with treatment promises. But none of these companies know for sure what is the mechanism for us to lose our hair. Even worse. Each of them has a different explanation and only applies to justify the method of treatment they want to sell to investors.
      Every month we have news about chemicals, genes, products, or foods that are involved in hair growth or loss. This proves that we are still far from knowing that disease completely.
      All the remedies that exist, none of them cure a disease 100%. And if “cure” it will create other problems, it leaves a chemical imbalance in the organism. Simply the problem it creates is not as serious as the first. That’s why we call healing.
      Whether it is a vaccine or a remedy this happens.
      You have to understand that the day we have the ability to fully regenerate a lost organ like the hair we can do the same in any other organ. Heart, lung, skin, or bone.
      Certainly the first organ to be completely regenerated will not be hair.
      Entao nao existe experança? sim. Poucas mas existem. Mas nenhuma pasa por uma cura.

  17. I think we as humans are prone to intellectual amnesia where as we’ve been introduced to scientist who have already “cured ” AGA terskikh etc. There is just no money. We have no idea what hair clone rain I Shiseido etc etc is actually doing we just know of them and some dumb down vision of their product.

  18. sorry about the last couple of word!

    “So there is no hope? Yes. Few but exist. But none goes through a cure”

    1. I strongly second the request to ban susna (aka Susana, Sussana, Ana, etc) she’s basically a hairloss troll! Ban ban ban!!

  19. I find “Harklinikken” suspect. In order to receive any further info on the product, they have to determine whether or not you are a candidate. And that means giving them your contact information first. No thank you. If a company can’t be forthcoming from the beginning, what are they hiding????

  20. Really bad times for Hairloss. Follica delayed again for the 4th time. I do not have hope for a pivotal study in the first half of 2018. They claimed things like this several times. I thought 2018 would be the year, but I cannot trust Follica and Brotzu anymore. And for me Shiseido and Histogen is bs too. And for Tsujii I think it will take years for a an average person to get to this product because of the price and that they will only be able to treat few people in the beginning. So there is nothing left…. A year a ago I was really optimistic but now…

  21. Pure tech releases a half yearly review stating Follica is starting a optimization study imminentley and going to start pivotal trial first half 2018. Thru are finalizing new advanced compounds for their topical. This is good news in my book. Yes they delayed bit it’s probably to perfect their topical with more hair growth compounds than minox. Pivotal trial shouldn’t last more than 3 to 6 months. I still think they are going to release in 2018. I’m staying positive.

    1. Yes but as you know they claimed this several times before. Pivotal trial was suspected to start second half of 2016, now it will be (maybe) first half of 2018. And we still do not know if it could potentially be a full cure.

  22. Really bad news form Follica (RAIN)…Every time an effective treatment like “RAIN” is delayed millions of dollars are lost … how sad that is the hair loss industry. TRUE.

    1. “News that isn’t exactly what I wanted it to be” isn’t “really bad news”.

      The hairloss “community” needs to stop being so dramatic.

      The pivotal study for the in-office device is delayed by like, six months at worst, and their optimization study of said device begins imminently with the pivotal study following soon after.

      So a Q3 or 4 release of RAIN is still possible, but an early 2019 release may be more likely.

      1. A release of one year later isn’t bad news? İt ain’t even sure if they will release it then…who knows how often this is going to delayed again?

  23. I’m staying positive for 2018 release. They pushed it out one qtr to add better topicals. That’s good to me. Better to delay and have better regrowth treatment than to use minox and release it early. Anyways…this won’t be a full cure so if you think it is then you better lower your expectations. Well they have a solid treatment or else pure tech wouldnt have invested in them. They are moving forward with optimization study now so that is progress. Pivotal trial could be short like 3 months.

    1. @mjones, No chance in Hell that Follica will come out in 18. I like your optimism but dont be delusional man. Maybe late 2019 if we’r really really lucky. Read the Follica news posted on HLT by Noisette and others.

  24. Lol admin should change the name from hair loss cure 2020 to hair loss cure 2030 because 2020 ain’t happening, plain and simple.

  25. Since Follica has a history of delays, they will have at least another one or two delays. So 2018 is impossible. Even they are done with that trial by the end of 2018 they still need FDA Clearence and need to bring to the market first, so very possible will not be out before Tsuji

    1. Shiseido end of 2018, Follica mid to end of 2019 and Tsuji 2020. Anything else seems like scam or will be delayed until Lord Tsuji will leads us to hair heaven…

  26. Why is everyone going all excited about tsuji. He will have his therapy ready for clinical trials probably by 2020 not available to the public. It’a impossible for it to be ready for release by then. He would need to have it done today. Then phase 1 and 2 done by 2020 for it to be released in Japan. He is just figuring out how to make hair grow and cloned at the moment he isn’t in phase 1 yet. We need to slow our roles. All we do is set up for disappointment. 2020 is impossible to go to Japan aND to get tsuji done. Even if it were ready you know how long that wait list would be? Try 2028 before that gets widely available to the public. Sisheido will be like a successful histogen….I have more faith in that and follica at the moment. Btw…what happened to Samumed?

  27. @jay @Hairplz

    yes! ban me to say what wil happend will give you your hair back….
    For sure! next year both will can blend products from Follica, follicum, samumed, histogen, Jak, brotzu, kelopecia, follicept, Replicel some bit from Setipiprant, adipose fat, Bimatoprost, minox, finas and hope, inside a container and apply to you scalp and you will hace more hair thar tarzan! :)

    I will happy to have in 1 or 2 year some brotzu and efective topical finasteride withot sides to at leat stop the loss and grow some velus hair i lost in the last 3 or 4 years. Or in other word have the few hair a have today!
    Lets hope one day this year a enter in this site and sea news about Fidia.

    For your guys i hope you are in the first years of hair loss… you wil have a lot of year ahead. i have more than a decade.

  28. Guys, I emailed Rivertown Therapeutics and received a response. In summary

    – they will complete Phase 2b trial in 2018

    – RT1640 has been reformated for beards.

    – strong examples of reversal of grey hair where it has been applied

    – will have better understanding of release date after the completion of Phase 2b in 2018

    Thoughts? ..personally a bit disappointed given that 2 of the 3 compounds are FDA approved already and the third has been used in 600 patients

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