Rogaine Beard Experiment

Somewhat related to my previous post, further evidence of Rogaine’s positive (but not mind blowing) effect on hair growth is found in an unusual experiment that has been going on for years.  Hundreds of people have used or are currently using Rogaine on their faces in order to grow more facial hair, and they are posting their results on the thread I link at the end of this post.

I first discovered this mega 400 plus page thread a few years ago when it had less than 300 pages on it, and am glad I bookmarked it.  It is worth going through all the pages, since there are numerous posts from people who have shared their before and after photos of their previously non-existent to weak beard becoming significantly denser after the regular application of Rogaine.  The internet offers unlimited opportunities of discovery and research, and this is one find that continues to entertain me:

Rogaine Beard Experiment

I am not sure if the long-term application of Rogaine to one’s face is a good idea, but these peoples’ experiences seem to suggest that there are almost never any major side effects to doing this, and this makes me a bit more confident in continuing to use Rogaine foam on my scalp once a day.

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