I have covered janus kinase inhibitors (JAK) in numerous posts on this blog in the past. They were by far the biggest news story in the hair loss world in 2014 due to several groundbreaking studies that showed that using oral JAK inhibitors ruxolitinib or tocafitinib cured alopecia areata (AA), psoriasis and vitiligo in many patients. However, less than 5 percent of hair loss sufferers have alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease), with the vast majority having androgenetic alopecia (AGA) instead.

At the time, the famous hair loss researcher Dr. Angela Christiano maintained that JAK inhibitors could also work on AGA. This statement was later expanded and it was postulated that only “selective topical covalently bound JAK 3 inhibitors” could work, while oral ones would probably not work.

Moreover, of the two main currently FDA approved JAK inhibitors: 1) ruxolitinib only inhibits JAK 1 and JAK 2; and 2) while tofacitinib inhibits both JAK 1 and JAK 3, some suggest that its impact on JAK 3 is not very significant (or especially “selective”).

Aclaris Therapeutics to Test Decernotinib on AGA Patients

Today morning, I got a press release e-mail from Aclaris (which holds all the patents for JAK inhibitors and hair loss disorders) linking to an article titled: “Aclaris Therapeutics Announces Notice of Allowance for Two U.S. Patent Applications Covering Baricitnib and Decernotinib, Respectively, for Hair Loss Disorders“.

Several readers also posted other links about this news or e-mailed me, and of course some mentioned “nasa_rs”, a former NASA employee who comments on this blog all the time. If I had to summarize, most of “nasa_rs”‘ comments are in the form of “JAK inhibitors will cure hair loss or its all over.” But once in a while he also posts something extremely unique and useful.

The most interesting part of Aclaris’ press release is that they finally named the selective JAK 3 inhibitor that they will probably use to test on AGA patients when they start clinical trials. This particular JAK inhibitor is called decernotinib (VX-509), and it is a highly selective JAK 3 inhibitor. In Aclaris’ latest press release, the below pasted sentence is the key one (with the “respectively” implying the AA–>baricitinib and AGA–>decenotinib relationships):

The claims of these newly allowed patent applications cover methods of inducing hair growth and treating various hair loss disorders, including alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia, by administering baricitinib or decernotinib, respectively.

Interestingly, decernotinib has no separate wikipedia entry at present (unlike most of the other “-tinibs” out there). The wikipedia entry on JAK inhibitors lists all the FDA approved JAK inhibitors that we have discussed as well as numerous others currently in clinical trials.

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  1. Blog readers —

    I recently asked Spencer Kobren to interview Dr. Neal Walker and he thought it was a good idea. However, if more of you ask him, he might actually do it.

    Someone should start a thread on his forum about this request:

    I have contacted Aclaris a few times in the past…first time they responded and said I could talk to someone at the company, but then they never responded again.

    Spencer has a knack of being able to get interviews with anyone in the industry (e.g., see his interview with Dr. Brett King below):

    1. I have a simple question admin. Will any of the current pipeline hairloss remedies, truly be able to give back a nw5 a full head of hair?

  2. @admin: Very nice! But..what’s the situation now?Are these medications approved by the FDA? Thanks again.

    Best regards.

  3. Interesting….only downside is that they are using new jak topical that isn’t fda approved. Looks like 10 years of trial before this gets released :( plus side is they are still going after jak for mpb

      1. Thank you for saying it Admin. I wondering why he still visits the site if he has nothing positive to ever say.

      2. Hi Admin,

        There was a multicenter phase IIa trial for oral decernotinib as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Fairly significant safety issues occurred and Vertex discontinued development of the drug in 2015, according to the lead investigator of the study. As far as I can tell, Vertex hasn’t restarted any development of decernotinib (it’s no longer listed in their product pipeline and no mention of any further trials).

        Some of the safety issues from the trial investigation (
        “Five patients were considered to have serious infection-related AEs [adverse events], all of whom were receiving decernotinib. One case each of erysipelas, metatarsophalangeal osteomyelitis, and pneumonia (fatal) was reported in the 100-mg group, and 1 case each of bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis was reported in the 150-mg group. The case of tuberculosis occurred in a 42-year-old woman from Russia who had normal findings on chest radiograph and negative findings on a PPD test at screening. In addition to the death related to pneumonia, 1 patient in the 100-mg group died due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage… There were a total of 3 cases of herpes zoster reported in this study. The risk of herpes zoster may be related to the inhibition of JAK pathways, since an increased incidence of herpes zoster has been reported in association with tofacitinib treatment…. Increases in transaminase levels to levels greater than the ULN were very common, in particular in the 2 higher dose groups (100 mg and 150 mg). One of 4 decernotinib patients who experienced potentially significant ALT elevations (>=3 times the ULN) discontinued the study.”

        I’d be interested in the thoughts of Aclaris about the safety of their topical decernotinib for AGA.

        Best regards,


  4. Does this mean the JAK being promoted on this site won’t do JAK as it’s the wrong type of “-tinibs”?

    1. Only topical covalently binding JAK3 inhibitors “might” work for AGA as has been said numerous types in the past year.

      The other JAKs might work for AA.

  5. NEWS from Replicel!!

    Looks like heir skin study is showing the exact changes in gene expression they were aiming for. Stock is up big today. I bought some more. XD

    1. Hairplz, which epicatechin are you using? I found a few different cocoa ones on Amazon. Btw I have had some early results with matcha tea. Maybe we can pm each other for further info

        1. Just drinking matcha. Loaded with epicatechins but mixed reviews on whether it increases or decreases testosterone and supposedly is a 5ar blocker….

          1. Green tea has epicatechin gallate so its a significantly different substance althought it has been tested for many benefits. What you really want per the studies is the -(-) epicatechin form which is just the monomer form.

      1. @Keith

        I use the bulk one from powder city. I went to their site today and it looks like they got sued by someone related to someone who killed kimself on purpose by overdosing on a random supplement so they might be going out of business. Before this one i used to get one marketed for bodybuilders from gunshow supplements.

          1. Nvm its out of stock. Guess they areally are dying… that sucks. I hate how some idiot overdoses and its the company’s fault

            1. Eating apple peels, faba beans and grape seed extract could help too. Cocoa extract is normally too pricey.

    1. Thanks was posted by Paul Phoenix yesterday or the day before. I read the full article and its like a textbook chapter and entailed mice. I am not so sure if it is a big breakthrough. Tsuji came out with a few similarly significant studies this year on hair, teeth, salivary glands, lacrimal glands etc…

  6. Not being pessimistic….just saying it’s in pre clinical trials and will take 10 years or so to get released if it works. I didn’t say it wouldn’t work. It’s phase 3 for arthritis not for mpb. They will have to trial it for topical though.

    1. Actually, there is a reasonable chance that it won’t work so you would be justified in saying that.

      However, 10 years for clinical trials is you just trying to joke around. If anything, modern day trials worldwide are going to get even faster than 4-5 years from beginning to end (and I assume you would know that from what you read about Japan and Trump in this blog in the past year). And in this case, if it works for arthritis, it will be used for hair loss very fast just like Ruxolitinib and Tofacitinib…which were both approved just a few years ago and yet still used by doctors to treat hair loss patients very soon thereafter. Which you also know.

      And both were used orally, which is usually more dangerous than topically.

  7. mjones, why do u obsess over Follica and Cotsarelis so much and disrespect all other things? Cotsarelis has a big bald spot on back of his head and has found no cure for 30 yrs!

  8. I really hope you are right admin! 4 to 5 years for 3 phase trial would be great. I just wish one of these companies including follica would just show a pic of amazing growth. Been in this game since 2001 and nothing has been a Wow treatment by any means, especially when it comes to regrowth.

  9. I have a theory that everything good for bones is also good for hair, so I am optimistic about Decernotinib. Just a theory without any evidence other than some high-level observations.

  10. Mjones I like when you become optimistic about follica, but don’t say something will take 10 years because who knows!? This may take less time and maybe work!
    Also people who says Dr cots has a bald patch, I mean Dr Angelina has a lot of hair then !?! :))) not making fun of anyone I just want to make things clear.

  11. Thank you Admin! I actually missed the bit about covalently bonded Jak-3’s so thanks for the refresher.

    Even if things are a little far off still I’m happy to hear more info about Jak inhibitor research into AGA. Maybe by ‘December’ we’ll hear more about ‘Decernotinib’ (barely a pun, lol).

      1. Absolutely.

        That would probably require an entirely new approval process, unfortunately, whereas the safety profile of decernotinib established through the RA systemic work should smooth the transition for use in AGA. A quick (<2 month I would imagine, don't quote me…) Ph1/Ph2a study to prove safety of a new formulation, with quick followup of more advanced studies. I find the 10 year timeline for something that has already been in Ph3 trials for a different indication a bit long. The drug development timeline is usually 10-15 years total, and that includes the discovery phase which has already complete in this case.

            1. Thanks…hard to tell how much time each part of the “dermal” section would entail (they say “up to 9 months” for one part). Maybe several could be waived or just require warnings on the bottle (e.g., do not make contact with eye)?

  12. I feel optimistic about the patent but the time period makes you feel disappointed / is there a temporary alternative !!!!

    1. The following is part of an email to me from

      “If the ointment is applied to the entire scalp, then one jar enough an average of ~4 weeks. You can count next in % of area which you plan apply to understand how many jars you need.
      The price of 1 jar (50g) of TOFACIB 2% – 375 $
      The cost of delivery is 50 $ (including insurance)
      SPECIAL OFFER! When ordering from 3 JARS – the delivery is FREE!”

      Anyone think this is worth trying? Or just another scam?

  13. Can add a little bit of Follica news

    “Follica is progressing the development of its proprietary, in-office skin disruption therapy that induces follicular neogenesis and enhances the new follicles with an active drug compound. Follica is initiating a pilot optimisation study mid-year, with a pivotal trial expected to begin in the second half of 2017.”

    Dates do seem to have been pushed back from initially late 2016 to first half 2017 and now it’s second half 2017. Part of me would like to guess disinformation in the sense that it’s better to totally surprise (but namely competitors) in launching a product.

    However probably won’t stop people speculating the worst but I still see them coming out with something, just difficult to know how good this is yet. The Pilot optimisation study intrigues though.

    1. I bet there is still a lot to discover in the upcoming years.
      Actually, this chart was made in 2011, so it might have been updated in the meantime. Things getting more and more complex.

  14. Great find Mike on the London Stock Exchange website!

    Not gonna lie, Follica excites me a lot. I mean, it’s close to the US (even though I’m from Canada, still pretty close). The LSE filing indicates that they are on track to start their pivotal trial second half of 2017. No need to go abroad to get your cells cultured, the new hairs are yours.
    Btw I looked upon their website and looked at Rox Anderson on their team. He is well known for his work with lasers. Pretty sure this is not a coincidence and my guess is that the skin disruption will be made with a laser. Just my 2 cents

    Hold on guys it’s coming

    1. You are 100% correct about the lasers.

      Their treatment will be skin perturbation using a laser, followed immediately by a lithium compound (possibly Lithium Gluconate (8% w/v) that they used in their European Clinical Trial), followed by more topical treatments (possibly an EGFR inhibitor as they make reference to this in their patents).

      The link to the laser device patent is stated below:

  15. If they start their pivotial trial in the second half of 2017 (let’s say June 2017) how long is the average pivotial trial duration?

    I’ve found that it can last up to 17 months?
    What do the others think?

  16. okay I just checked the fda website:

    Phase 3 study (pivotal trial) duration: 1-4 years.

    Best case scenario of follicas release will then be July 2018?

  17. Follica second half of 2017. Always delays :(. I am not sure if we can really trust that they really start their trail then. I would say not before January 2019 they are to bring something to market.

  18. @newerah, why on earth do you think @mike would know when Follica will be released?? Dont you think it would be HUGE news on all hair loss sites if a release date was made official by any one of the companies we follow?

  19. Hey Admin,

    I’ve stumbled across something amazing. I was doing a bit of digging around Follica’s potential treatment (I went through a load of patents). It boils down to this – Laser skin perturbation followed by an aplication of Lithium Gluconate (8% w/v). The at home topical compound will include a BMP-inhibitor (they namecheck Dorsomorphin), a WNT modulator, and an EGFR inhibitor.

    I didn’t really think that much about the EGFR inhibitor at first, but as I was reading something became quite apparent. The names! The drugs listed in the patents include:

    Various other with XX-yyy code names

    Notice the “nib” ending to these names? All of these drugs are Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors! What makes this interesting is that a Janus Kinase is just a type of Tyrosine Kinase!

    This is exciting for all sorts of reasons –

    1) Gives strong evidence that Dr Christiano is correct about kinase inhibitors
    2) Shows that Follica is much more than the “dermarolling plus minoxidil” nonsense you read on some of the forums
    3) We could have access to kinase inhibitors way before Aclaris are done
    4) Follica could now potentially be the company to prove your prediction correct!

      1. Thanks, I find the wounding with lasers actually most interesting lol, everywhere ppl made it sound like a primitive
        derma-roller, but laser can be used much more precisely when creating wounds via frequencies or whatever…like a certain compound when applied to the face followed by a certain type of laser is about as effective as accurate! Which if you know about acne, is a short/medium term cure essentially. Hopefully this is similar but for hair.

    1. Can anyone back this research up on here since there’s no links provided that I can find or any specific comment from Follicila about its product.

      1. I have replied to the original comment with a link to the relevant patent but it hasn’t uploaded for some reason.

        I forgot to include the names of a few EGFR inhibitors listed. These include leflunomide, gefitinib, erlotinib, and lapatinib. A few of these are already clinically approved for treating cancer or rheumatoid arthritis. The good thing is they are well tolerated small molecules with a low risk of side effects (and that is when they are taken orally, a topical compound would surely be even safer).

        1. Steve – nice follow up. Thanks.

          JAK 3’s is on its way to clinical trial hopefully it will work. I really think this is going to work. And if they are already FDA then we could have the Complete Cure very shortly (in a couple of years). I am sure Trump would help to expedite things if they are proven to work.

          For some reason I think this is the year we know what will work ~100%. And maybe the JAK-3 will be a lot cheaper than Rux.

          P.S. I have never been a scientist. I have always worked in another field.

          1. Welcome back “nasa_rs”…for some reason I thought you said NASA scientist once…I hope you did work at NASA though, or else I am hallucinating.

            1. Was at NASA for a long time and I did work on Advanced Projects just not as a Scientist.

              I think Aclaris is going to solve our problem this year. If not it does seem as if these other companies are getting better and closer to helping grow hair. It is just that with JAK, as we saw with AA type hair loss, that we could suddenly have 100% of our hair back. Wow.

              I just hope they get the JAK’3s price to be reasonable.

    2. Wow this is excellent research Steve. I will try to do some digging too. Hopefully Mike can also look into this.

      1. Yeah, seconded, really well researched. I’ll try and see what I can dig up. Probably will go a bit over my head but will try. Certainly it never really made sense that it was just minox plus wounding because why would it take 10 years plus to market that? And surely they figured out the device configuration some time ago.

        Really interested finds anyway so who knows. Wonder how they’re recruiting for the pilot optimization and where?

    3. Bmp huh? Seems they have stumbled on a similar concept than replicel. They both use this principle to enable the growth factors to do their thing. One generates them with wounding the other just injects them.

  20. I read the press release, in my opinion, it seems like it is going to work for AGA how well I guess we will have to wait.

    We went from no hope 2 years ago, to some hope last year, now we are on the cusp of an effective treatment and the end to hairloss (maybe in 2 years?).

  21. XD

    funny thing is that this info was already out there but we failed to notice it until now…..

    Thanks Steve. Keep up the good work.

    Atlast, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Px I deleted your latest comment even though it was generally fine. I appreciate your compliments, but do not want to attract the trolls from elsewhere.

  22. Yes thank you Steve. Btw, wasn’t it mentioned a while back that Aclaris and Follica were co-owned or something? If Aclaris owns the rights to all Jak inhibitors and Follica has this novel method for wounding, it could be an unbeatable match.

  23. Neal Walker, President and CEO of Aclaris:

    “Neal currently is on the Board of Directors of Sebacia, Inc. and Follica, Inc. (Executive Chairman), and is on the Advisory Board of Flexible Medical Systems. He previously served on the Board of Directors for Octagon. Neal received his M.B.A. from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School”

    Food for thought

    1. Just saw it was already noted in one of the previous posts on this website the link Neal Walker has with both Aclaris (Jak’s) and Follica. Perhaps just a coincidence, perhaps not. Maybe this is why Aclaris does not seem pressed to launch the AGA trials for Jaks ??

  24. Nice seeing everyone being positive instead of turning things into a b…. fest. Best ones are the ones who say we are all doomed to be bald and never will be cured., but I will continue to come here everyday. Great detective work from you posters.

  25. I do not know what it is but bring up the topic JAK and I begin to post too much. Maybe since the potential promise of an absolute 100% regrowth of our own hair is very possible. And that Aclaris should start trials soon and we should know if JAK3’s work.

    And I just can not help but believe that JAK3’s will solve hair loss starting this year (in clinical trials). Really makes you think that this could Finally be it.


  26. Adding, Aclaris (a well funded large company) is really going all out to solve hair loss with their multiple trials of JAK’s for AA type hair loss. And now, they come out with research showing JAK3’s might be best solution for normal male pattern hairloss. Makes me wonder if they already know that it will work. Aclaris seems to be working very hard.

    2017 really seams like sometime this year probably at the end of summer we will have the solution (trial results that show it will work). Although this is huge news to the world and they just might release Interim photos of early results once they get into clinical trials. My guess.

      1. nevermind you are just guessing. I hope you are right dude. I wonder what it would mean for people with scarring from Hair Transplants.

  27. How could will be that? A press release that their topical jak 3 inhibitor work and that they will go on with their studies. If we know that they have found the solution, waiting will no longer be a problem because we all know that we will get back our hair soon..

  28. Kwab – yes I am guessing. But Aclaris is moving fast in research and they have had JAK for male pattern hair loss in Pre-Clinical trials for the past few months and I am sure they will begin Clinical Trials very soon (that is just obvious).

    No more having to read about molecules, or WnT pathways. It will soon be just putting JAK3 lotion on the scalp and we get 100% of hair regrowth. Its all coming soon, whether it works, more than likely this year.

    1. Hey, Nasa! Are we talking about Follica? I’m a little lost now; is it simply a cream that you apply to the scalp? And how come you assume it works that well? I am really excited as well, loosing my hair at 17:D Imagine the feeling of getting your hair back after loosing it – would be beyond imagination. Whoever gets to the cure first, I’m sure it’s just around the corner!

      1. Right now Aclaris (company) seems to be doing a lot of work trying to test for a treatment of hair loss topical solution using JAK3, for male pattern hair loss. They are in Pre Clinical Trials now and should begin Clinical Trials soon enough. I am only guessing that it will work but Dr. Christiano think they have a good chance of working (she is the one who discovered JAK could regrow 100% hair on Auto Immune hair loss sufferers).

        If not, I guess Tsui (sp?) will come up with a treatment. Where they grow hair and transplant it.

        Hang in there it is going to be a different world either this year or in just a few upcoming years.

        1. What I dont understand is that you can get all sorts of “research” chemicals for ingesting (nootropics/ analogs of various narcotics etc), for like 50 bucks but jak3 costs like $300 for a few measly micrograms…

          If there was only a cheap vendor, trials be dammed some of us could start experimenting ourselves right now.

      2. I’m in the same boat, my friend. Also 17 and receding pretty hard. I have a good feeling for people in our position :)

  29. @nasa_rs: we are just over Q1 and still no news about JAK. u keep on and on about jak being cure.. where are you now?

  30. Hair loss forums are SO funny…That’s hilarious…Thanks for the information @nasa_rs. Very good news.

  31. An unexpecteddy amalgamation. Steve that was some corporate espionage level investigating. If we were all as inquisitive as you, makes you wonder what else we don’t know

  32. Now this is more like it! We are closing in on an effective treatment or cure and it’s only a matter of time. I may even start saving up for all those future hair cuts . Thanks for all the info Steve and all! NASA I love your optimism and it’s looking like your loyalty to JAK inhibitors may well pay off!

  33. C’mon gail naughen! Please stop with delays and for once try to meet a date that you mention in one of your interviews or presentations. Its not fair to keep doing that. Your letting a lot of people down. I hope you really are working hard to bring this technology to fruition!! It would Change lives. Can you do that for us gail? We have been waiting for your advertised technology for about a decade now. We have no idea when follica will be available. I want to be “me” again.

    1. Dude she has nothing… She is just stalling… Don’t waste time thinking about histogen…. That company is c bro

  34. I was just on another site where some intelligent folks are confident that follica is using minox. And this is after Steve’s recent findings. Follica appears to include and possible growth agent under the sun in its patents so they are covered. Its a wise move as it protects them if another company tries to replicate their findings and enable them to use any possible agent without having to refile a patent.

    1. I’ve been on a forum just recently where some intelligent folks as well think follica uses minoxidil from an Indian study. Everyone pretty much took a dump on Steve’s finding when someone posted it.

  35. So if jaks would work, does that mean slick bald Norwood 7 gets all their hair back?

    Admin appreciate your blog but has always been frustrating to come back and try to find where I left off when reading comments. Even seems like comments not read get mixed in with the read. Must be a plugin or better option.

    1. I have a feeling if it does work it’ll need a still functioning follicle. Just based on what I’ve read and my own opinion of course.

  36. honestly I think guys with pure optimism should be banned from these forums. Because they are making a very bad example for newbies. I have been dealing with this since 2005. countless of time my hopes got up and then crashed. but I learnt my lessons.

    yes I am no believer anymore. I dont think cure is coming anywhere soon. I just made my peace with it. Why am I here? just to see where we are with cutting edge technologies.. just because I made my peace with itr doesnt mean I am happy with my situation. I want to be NW0 as hell.

    But unlike NASA and the likes of him, I dont indicate cures for any treatments. even tsuji treatments for 2020… I dont believe either.
    but you know what cure is a dangerous word. when you say cure of course people would start asking question. for me cure is 80 year old man with NW7 is turning into NW0. this is cure.

    products like fin wihtout sides is cure for THATGUY, and thats why he got alot of comments.

    1. I think the pessimists should check if the “thecureisnotcomingsoonyouallliveinafantasylandweareright” url is already taken. At least you won’t be bombarded by all the people making the most of the moment. Prepare for the worst hope for the best.

  37. Could someone please confirm my following statement:
    We have never been sooo far by the cure then we are right now?
    Did I understand this correctly ? Many of us are newbies in the hair loss research world (since September 2016).

    Donitello I understand that you don’t think that anything will hapen because you have seen many failures but please correct me If I am wrong, but you cannot compare the situation right now with the past…???

  38. @donitello there is absolutely no harm in optimism. In fact it’s way better to be hopeful and happier than pessimistic and miserable. So if you don’t like optimism then stop coming here. Negativity does much more harm so it’s better you be be banned. And you clearly haven’t made peace with it.

    It’s also not blind optimism. If you’ve been dealing with it since 2005 then you should know we’ve never actually had this many potential options on the horizon and medical research is going faster than ever before. There’s good reason to be optimistic and most of us are basing this on actual information and research.

  39. I honestly dont know what to think about JAK for AGA. On other forums this topic is close to non exsistent and have been debunked by what seems to be some pretty knowledgeable hobby scientists. Im not at all capable to find out whats what, but its clear that there is very different opinions on JAK:-O

    1. It’s pretty much just one guy. And we all know who.. His fan boys just fall in line real quick with whatever his opinion is. Luckily real scientists are working on this.

  40. What do you guys thinks about a potential synergism of Follica Skin perturbation and DGLA (brotzu) ? It should be stronger than follica and minox. They are both closer than any other treatment.

  41. Steve awesome work on the investigation you did with follica. Looks like we can sort of confirm they are using other topicals than Rogaine.
    Just my two cents on the whole super optimism on this site. For those of you newbies, I was once in your shoes back in 2001. There was aderans, christiano, intercytex osh101, dutasteride etc promising to be the cure in just a few years. Those all failed. However, my optimism kept my hopes up. I knew at some point a better treatment will eventually come along even though these treatments failed. I had to hold on to what hair I had so I hopped on Propecia and a good hair vitamin along with nizoral. Please all newbies who are still nw1 to 3, hop on current treatments!! Save what you have! Don’t listen to Paul phoenix or nasa. Yes you might get sides but you won’t know unless you try. A new treatment may come out next year, 3 years or heck 10 years. By sitting and waiting and not using what’s available will only make you lose more hair and make it difficult for a new treatment to bring it back. We don’t know if the new treatments will take a nw6 to a nw1. It may it may not. Save your hair, take current treatments and stay positive.

    1. This. I am exited for new treatments but if you care about your hair there is no reason not to act today. There is already a wide variety of things you can try. Im on fin, ketoconazole, lllt (laser cap), tocotrienols, zinc shampoo, apple polyphenol shampoo, epicatechin, and try to to eat too much saturated fat (which reduces circulation to your scalp and body in general for some time after consumption). I recently started seeing drastic regrowth after introducing epicatechin and lllt combined . I started using topical histogen and hope to be 100% set!

        1. I really think the combination of epicatechin and lllt has increased bloob flow to the scalp area drastically.

            1. I also tried laser before i was on epi or fin and thought it was useless. Fin increased my hair loss at first then drastically decreased shedding and stopped my loss but didnt give much regrowth. After a little over a year and a half on fin only I decided to take epi and use llt again while taking epi. I think the boosted follistatin, particularly if dht is at lower levels make it (llt) more effective since it allows the growth factors from laser and the stem cell stimulation to do their thing.

              1. @Keith

                I agree green tea makes it worse. Some of the studies I have seen show green tea increasing both testosterone and dht. One study showed decreased DHT from BLACK tea. Green tea has a quite different polyphenol profile than apples, grapes, or cacao. Cacao is high in saturated fat so its not an option for me and fruits of course have lots of sugar… fava beans and powdered apple peel can help diet wise. The supplement you found seems great as long as you confirm it is -(-)epi

                The study i saw showed a 200mg which is admittedly a large dose. I took this dose for about 11 months or so. I recently stopped taking it because high follistatin negates myostatin in tendons. Myostatin increases in tendons as a response to loading but does the opposite in muscle. This makes it great for muscle maintenance but bad for tendon maintenance/strenghtening. I definitely plan on taking it again but will take a 2 month break. I am thinking my regrowth is permanent so hopefully i wont regret going off it for a bit.

                1. Grapeseed extract is also proven to book epi in blood but a larger dose wold be needed but i dont know how much given only purified epi has been tested for dosage in regards to boosting follistatin.

                  1. My guess is you would need about 600 mg grape seed extract or more to get 100mg epi. Life extension sells apple polyphenol extract in large dosage which ive taken before as well.

                    1. @Keith are you on fin? Im on fin which Is probably a big factor on enabling this to work.

                2. Pharmacokinetic, partial pharmacodynamic and initial safety analysis of (-)-epicatechin in healthy volunteers.

                  That is the study. It shows a 250% increase in follistatin. Which would seems to suggest quite a physiologically relevant change.

              2. Hey @Hairplz i just started fin two weeks ago and i noticed increase in hairloss, can you tell me after how many weeks it changed for you?

                    1. Hairplz, please avoid replying to your own comments so much and making small corrections or modifications.

  42. Does epicatechin only work by increasing follistatin? Or does it do something else too? Are there any side effects?

    1. Other than follistatin it also increases NO /circulation and also increases vegf. and helps create new peripheral veins. Theres even studies showing it increased the amount of small veins in the brain . Theres not enough studies for it by itself but if you go to pubmed there must be hundreds of studies on grape seed extract. The study i included above showed SHORT TERM safety and increased nitric oxide levels which one could theorize would give it somewhat of a beneficial effect to hair as well like minox does deriving from increased bloobflow which is good for celullar proliferation and anagen state. Theres many effects but not enough have been studied. There must be dozens if not hundreds of effects (good or bad) from it that just havent been studied.

      I take it for the follistatin based on what gail naughton from histogen says. DHT somehow interferes with bmp and follistatin disables this interference to bmp wich allows growth factors to work on the follicle cells again. Histogens hsc relies on follistatin disabling this block then it follows whith a variety of growth factors including vegf and stem cell specific factors such as the keratinocyte one. I have seen results but its all based on my unproved assumption that a 250%ish increase in follistatin is enough to fight the bmp block while under finasteride which such make the block easier to remove since theres less dht.

  43. Forgot to mention vegf is vascular endothelial growth factor. Its the growth factor for pheriperal veins.

    1. Theres also evidence that grapeseed extract and epicatechin both grow hair in rats better than minox when applied topically.

      1. “Topical application of 1% procyanidin oligomers on shaven C3H mice in the telogen phase led to significant hair regeneration [procyanidin B-2, 69.6% ± 21.8% (mean ± SD); procyanidin B-3, 80.9% ± 13.0%; procyanidin C-1, 78.3% ± 7.6%] on the basis of the shaven area; application of vehicle only led to regeneration of 41.7% (SD = 16.3%). In this paper, we demonstrate the hair-growing activity of procyanidin oligomers both in vitro and in vivo, and their potential for use as agents to induce hair growth.”

    1. I just take the epi and eat apple peel powder and purple sweet potatoes. I have an apple polyphenol shampoo too.

  44. Its important to note im not saying just do this but rather add it to fin and anti dht products which will be synergistic. If you are losing 5-10% a year even if this were to give you 10% you would not really see a change.

  45. Will follica’s method restore the front hairline back to where it was gentically at the first time or is it going to be unnatural like a hairtransplant?

  46. Admin, it would be interesting if you made a survey for this website with questions such as; do you smoke? Do you exercise? Do you drinnk? Do you havw thyroid issues? Do you take medications? Ect.. im sure lots of people would be happy to do the survey and it might help everyone see if there is major links between lifestyles

    1. Then you’d have to control for those factors, parse the data, etc…good luck getting any relevant info from that

  47. Everyone should know that Tsuji / Riken are more advanced than the study previously shown in the previous blog post. In case someone has not seen it:

    Functional Hair Follicle Regeneration by the Rearrangement of Stem Cells.

    Everyone should know that Tsuji / Riken are more advanced than the study previously shown in the previous blog post. In case someone has not seen it attached again:

    We are all well aware that there will be an improvement in the field of hair restoration. A very large or moderate improvement will be present for the next two or three years. I would like to congratulate the blog administrator for the great work and the great title of the blog. It makes much more sense than many of you might think.

    Paul Pheonix.

  48. The best and easiest treatment would be something like histogen. Imagine just going to your derms office once every few months to get injections and be done with it. No pills, topicals etc to do everyday. It would immunize your scalp and provide robust regrowth. Why can’t it be that easy? Yes replicel is similar but they are more maintenance and immunity to further loss which is awesome but regrowth seems bleak from what they report.

    1. Hey mjones. Not trying to hype replicel not huge on them but their weak regrowth was because they were studying safety they claim they potentially could do much more. Also Histogen which claims their actual product is 3 times more than the pictures were all familiar with. So that’s positive but we will have to wait and see.

        1. God man sorry Ill have to look for that quote I’m a busy dude besides being in transit on my cell. I’m surprised yall didn’t know it’s been covered here already months ago

  49. I hope you are right egghead. 3x more of that picture would be legit! Replicel I still believe will be maintenance and immunization to shy. I hope it has tons of regrowth but not sure.

  50. Histogen is 3 years overdue on their USA release. I remember on their website they said 2013 Asian release and 2014 America.

    1. buddy all we can do is wait.. I understand you are anxious for something to come around but all we can do is wait and be patient.

  51. Histogen wants to get it out there more than you trust me. They have quite a financial incentive to do so. I really want to know the status of the mexico trial. In the meantime im going to put theor cell media on my scalp topically and see what happens.

  52. Hmmm just thought of something. You could use histogen on donor area before a surgery that way you could get way more grafts.

  53. Histogen histogen histogen, where are you? Are you in another delay? Are things progressing? Can you tell us what you are waiting for?

    1. Seriously, what the hell. Come on!! lol Some chat guy said there will be an update on mexico this month.

    2. Histogen isn’t releasing Mexico till late 2017 and that’s a big if, she said it could be early 2018 latest. Your about a year off

        1. Yes. What happens with histogen and hsc? They have planned release their product in 2014 in Asia and in 2016 europe and us…what’s going on with this treatment? Awesome…conspiracy? Release it now!

  54. That’s really promising! 8% regrowth and at phase 1 which is usually only testing the safety so that’s very exciting. Shame it’s in Swedish, I’ll have to find a way to translate it and have a read. Thanks for sharing! I’m also interested to see what their hair inhibition results are.

  55. I just dont understand why histogen is taking so long. People are trying to plan appropriately for the future. Please stick to your deadlines, your not in a lawsuit anymore. Wth

  56. Admin you said there is no proof that JAK works for AGA.

    In one of your posts (briefs items of interests – februaray 2017) you quoted Dr.Neal Walker:

    “Most importantly, androgenic alopecia. Even though that’s traditionally not thought of as an inflammatory process, what they were able to find is that the JAK inhibitors were targeting the stem cell compartment in the hair follicle bulge and actually prolonging and inducing anagen”.

    “Being covalently bound…its got a much better shot of not being as promiscous as the other JAK inhibitors“

    It seems that it has an impact on AGA? Its prolonging and inducing anagen… I really think that nasa_rs is right .
    Another question: let’s assume they find out that it works (during their preclinical or clinical phase) What does this mean for us? Does it mean that the cure for AGA is a topical solution of Decernotinib?

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