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Rogaine Foam on Sale on Amazon

What is Rogaine Foam?

Rogaine is the brand name for Minoxidil, one of only two approved products to treat hair loss as of 2014 (the other being Finasteride). Initially, Rogaine was only approved in a 2% topical version that was later expanded to a 5% topical version.

However, in more recent years, Rogaine has been made available in a foam version that is far easier to apply than the topical solution (which often rolls onto the face after application). Initially, only men  were approved for the 5% foam version, while women were limited to the 2% version. However, now even females can get the 5% foam  aerosol can.

Note that with prescription, you can even get 10% and 15% extra strength Minoxidil if you are a man.

Rogaine Foam Pricing

Typically, one can of Rogaine foam lasts for a month (assuming twice a day application) and the retail price of each can is around $20-$30. A pack of 3 cans is often sold for around $50. However, both the one can and three can supplies are often available at significantly discounted prices.

Note that the first product below is the men’s Rogaine Foam 5%. The second one below is the women’s Rogaine Foam 5% aerosol product.

Update: The sale prices might have changed by now, but they keep coming back regularly so make sure to bookmark this post.

Men's Rogaine Foam 5%.
Men’s Rogaine Foam 5%.

The women’s product:

Women's Rogaine Foam 5 Percent.
Women’s Rogaine Foam 5%.

Rogaine Foam on Amazon for only $10 per Can

Although it won’t grow new hair on a totally bald scalp, Rogaine foam 5% (Minoxidil) is a very good product for maintaining hair. I use it at least three or four times a week. For best results, you are supposed to use it twice per day, but I never use it more than once a day.

Make sure to also read my post on high strength 10% and 15% Minoxidil. Women are not supposed to use such strong versions as it can cause side effects such as excess body hair (hirsutism).

Unlike the old liquid version, the foam does not cause a mess or trickle down your face or back of neck, dries rapidly, and actually holds your hair like a weak gel.

Amazon currently has an incredible sale of one can for sale at only $10 (usual price = $30). Note that there are only limited quantities available:

Men's Rogaine Foam 5%.
Men’s Rogaine Foam 5%.

Edit: Seems like the product is sold out at that price. Some decent discounts still available for 3-month supplies shown in the photo above.

Rogaine Foam in Canada

Note that sometimes, you can find Rogaine foam for sale in Canada. At the moment, 1 US dollar = 1.32 Canadian dollars. The three can product is more likely to be on sale than the one aerosol can version.