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Regenera Activa AMT for Hair Loss

Regenera Activa Before After
Regenera plus PRP before and after hair growth photos from Dr. Jerry Cooley.

We have heard about the Regenera Activa® (also spelled Rigenera) hair loss treatment regularly since 2019.

I briefly mentioned it in several posts, including in Dr. Cooley’s presentation that I discussed here. Many doctors use both Regenera and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) together. Both procedures are autologous in nature and therefore unlikely to cause any major side effects in the hands of experienced practitioners.

At least 20 people have commented about this stem cell based treatment over the years. It is far more popular in Europe and Asia than in the US, although the Regenera device is approved for use by the US FDA.

I was not keen to write an entire post on the product as yet. For one, online reviews and forum testimonials are all over the map, and lean towards significant skepticism. However, things are getting more interesting now.

Regenera Activa AMT

Regenera Activa Machine
Regenera Activa Device.

Most new hair loss technologies and companies tend to see diminished social media presence over the years. Most also stop updating their websites or make sporadic changes. For a while, I thought Regenera Activa was becoming stagnant. However:

    • Since my last visit over a year ago, Regenera has made a complete overhaul of its website. It seems like the Rigenera spelling is now being avoided.
    • They now offer a pdf that recommends using the Regenera Activa treatment alongside a hair transplant procedure.
    • They have re-branded their product as AMT® . An acronym that stands for Autologous Micrografting Technology.
    • A new November 2021 study from Saudi Arabia concludes that Regenera Activa benefits hair growth positively. In both males and females; and in both hair quantity and hair thickness. Note that this technology is described as Autologous Cellular Micrografts (ACM).
    • Also in 2021, Dr. Antonella Tosti (Italy) made a video webinar presentation on AMT Regenera. It includes before and after positive hair growth results from a small study of 17 people. Her patients on average saw a significant increase in frontal hair thickness, but no significant increase in hair count.
    • The Spain based company maintains regularly updated Instagram and Facebook pages.
    • The number of hair transplant surgeons offering Regenera Activa stem cell treatment is growing very rapidly. The latest video from yesterday comes all the way from Pakistan:

How Does it Work?

As seen in the above video, the Regenera Activa method involves three main steps.

  1. The first stage entails extraction of of 3-5 small scalp skin samples using a 2 mm punch biopsy. These extractions are collected from the occipital region of the scalp that is least susceptible to androgenic alopecia. i.e., from the permanent donor zone area that is also utilized during hair transplant procedures.
  2. The extracted skin samples are then placed in the Rigeneracon device. They undergo centrifugation at a speed of 80 rpm for 2-6 minutes. The resulting filtered solution contains stem cells, growth factors, extracellular matrix and progenitor cells.
  3. Finally, the resulting mixture is injected into the scalp. The mixture of stem cells and growth factors is though to help shrinking hair follicles in balding areas to regenerate.


The price of one session of Regenera Activa hair loss treatment varies by country and clinic. However, the range is not as wide as is the case with PRP. Note that a surgeon might offer it at a steep discount if you are also getting a hair transplant with him or her. According to the Daily Mail, the UK price at one clinic is £2,000. In the US, most clinics seem to be advertising the price at $3,000.

I first bookmarked a page about this procedure from Dr. Ee in Singapore in 2018. You can see him in this video.