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Jotronic and Spex

Starting close to 15 years ago, Jotronic (aka Joe Tillman) has steadily revolutionized online hair transplant related documentation in terms of thoroughness of photos and videos. He has probably single-handedly been responsible for more than half the popularity of the Vancouver, Canada based strip-hair-transplant-technique-only surgical team of Victor Hassson & Jerry Wong.

In 2002, Joe along with another ex-Hasson & Wong patient named Futzyhead both started documenting their results in great detail online in a pioneering dual effort. While before and after hair transplant photos were already available on the internet in 2002, most were vague and of a bad quality. Joe is originally from the US, but now resides in Vancouver, Canada

While Futzyhead stopped posting online around 2005, Joe has continued to maintain a very active online presence to this day. Jotronic works for Hasson & Wong as of the time of writing this blog post, and often goes to conferences and new patient meetups around the US and Western Europe. Jotronic had two bad hair transplants when he was just 22, and then a number of repair hair transplants with Dr. Wong over the past decade. Nine total hair transplants according to his count, including one scar revision one!

Spex (aka Spencer Stevenson — from the UK) became heavily active online a few years after Jotronic, but has since also produced some exceptional documentation. He seems to have a knack for getting interviews from various newspapers and publications, especially in the UK. Per his website, he currently represents three hair transplant surgeons:  Dr. Alan Feller, Dr. Bijan Feriduni and Dr. William Lindsey.

Spex has recently joined forces with Spencer Kobren and expanded The Bald Truth radio show to the UK. Like Jotronic, Spex has also had numerous hair transplants over the years (it seems like six bad ones, followed by a few good repair ones). Maybe ten total hair transplants!?

Below is an interesting video where Jotronic and Spex meet for the first time: