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Hair Loss Research by Country

In 2015, I created a permanent page on this site listing all key Hair Loss Research Projects Around The World. That highly important page is also listed in the main menu at the top of this site. I used to update regularly, but have hardly done so since 2020.

That hair research page covers most groundbreaking hair loss treatment or cure related work taking place in the world today. It is increasingly evident that there are significant resources being devoted to finding a cure for hair loss in numerous countries.

A large portion of research takes place at labs or hospitals affiliated with quality universities. Consequently, the US, Japan, South Korea and Western Europe dominate. However, China is becoming a much bigger player. In the past two years, I have covered at least 3-4 new hair loss related Chinese companies on this blog.

Feel free to comment under this post with suggestions for any additions or corrections to that worldwide hair loss research page. My republishing this post is also meant to push me into updating that research page more frequently.

Note that I am only including institutions, companies and people that are doing groundbreaking hair loss research. Almost all of them have been covered in past blog posts on this site.