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Hair Loss Research by Country

During the almost two years that I have been writing this blog, it has become increasingly evident that there are significant resources being devoted to finding a cure for hair loss in numerous countries around the world. Almost all research is undertaken at universities or labs affiliated with universities.

I have now created a permanent page on this site where you can readily see what groundbreaking hair loss research is happening in what country. For more, see Hair Loss Research Around The World. By the end of the year, I hope to have a lot more thumbnails on that map. Especially from China, India, Brazil, Russia and other larger countries that are currently sparsely covered.

Feel free to comment under this post with suggestions for any additions. Note that I am only including institutions that satisfy at least one of the below criteria. They need to be:

  1. Home to at least one renowned hair loss researcher. Or,
  2. Have been in the news many times when it comes to groundbreaking hair loss related research and discoveries. Or,
  3. Have published many hair loss related papers in reputable journals.