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How Many Hairs do you Lose per Day?

A popular statistic on the internet is that it is normal to lose over 100 hairs per day. Some even suggest that men and women both shed up to 150 scalp hairs per day. I think that these numbers are excessive for most people who do not suffer from male or female pattern hair loss.

The AAD says that normal hair loss is between 50-100 hairs per day based on a regular cycle. Anything beyond that is excessive shedding and considered telogen effluvium. Such hair loss is usually stress, sickness or fad diet related, and temporary in nature.

Scalp massage and wash hair loss.Before I started taking Dutasteride, it was normal for me to see over 150 hairs every day just on my bathtub floor and drain after showering. Even more would be visible on my pillowcase, hair brush after combing, towel and more. In my teenage years, I lost very little hair (less than 20 per day) even if I strongly pulled on each follicle. I also washed and shampooed my hair far less often in my younger days. It was naturally cleaner, manageable and dandruff free.

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Poll: How Many Hairs do you Shed Every Day?

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How many hairs do you lose each day?