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Fund Desmond to attend WCHR 2014!

On the bald truth forums, there is a great campaign to crowdfund forum member Desmond to attend WCHR 2014 and report his findings to us and interview many of the renowned hair loss researchers out there.  This is a great initiative, and something that will be truly groundbreaking if it works out as planned.  I am not sure how much needs to be raised, but at the time of writing this post, I am guessing that $1,000 has already been raised and it is quite likely that Desmond’s trip to South Korea will become a reality. Desmond is very well versed in hair loss and biology related concepts in general based on his past always intelligent posts.

Here is the thread to donate:

BTT thread to fund Desmond’s Trip to WCHR 2014

In the unlikely event that they raise too much, I hope Desmond donates the leftovers to any fund in South Korea that is going to help the recent ferry disaster victims.

List of Abstracts at World Congress for Hair Research

The World Congress for Hair Research 2014 (WCHR2014) will take place in South Korea from May 14th through May 17th of this year.

8th World Congress for Hair Research

The full program and schedule can be found on this page:

WCHR2014 Program at a Glance

This list confirms my feeling that a disproportionate portion of the world’s hair loss related research is now occurring in Asia. The enigma that is Dr. Nigam has two abstracts accepted and will be presenting the one titled “Application of Tissue Engineering in Hair Transplant to Reduce and/or Eliminate post Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Micro Scaring or White Dots at Donor Scalp.”  Too bad that he will not present the other abstract that he submitted on donor doubling, as that is definitely the one that is more interesting to most of us. Nevertheless, scarless FUE would be ground breaking too.

The list of invited speakers is also dominated by Asian researchers:

WCHR2014 Invited Speakers

I am surprised that Dr. Takashi Tsuji and Dr. Sung-Jan Lin are not on the list of invited speakers. The most well known western researchers such as Angela Christiano, George Cotsarelis, Colin Jahoda and Kevin McElwee are all invited. Ken Washenik is a notable absentee from the invite list.