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Brief Items of Interest, May 2015

Nothing especially significant in recent hair loss related news articles and items of interest.

— An interesting new study from Taiwan that suggests an improved method of producing trichogenic keratinocytes.

— Seems like this BBC radio segment might be over a year old, but it appeared on my Twitter feed this week.  Worth a listen.

— Yes by now most of us know that mothers are the not the only culprits.  Nevertheless, an interesting recent article on the genetics of hair loss.  The last part of the article is especially important.  I knew about the correlation of baldness with higher rates of heart disease, but did not realize the correlation with higher rates of blood pressure and cholesterol.  I do not find these “higher” rates especially high, but from a scientific perspective, even a 10 percent greater risk is very significant.  I do wonder if these studies miss the possibility that a significant portion of balding people just become reclusive and start overeating and not exercising and subsequently get more health issues: i.e., correlation does not imply causation.

— Beware of the numerous gray hair cure scams out there.  Update: Read my 2016 post on the cure for grey hair.

— Over the years, there have been many hair loss forum threads on demodex mites perhaps causing or exacerbating hair loss.  I never did much research on this subject.  Now I am curious due to this superb recent image-filled BBC article on demodex mites that are on all of our faces.

— Unfortunately, no artificial hair replacement section in here, but nevertheless an excellent summary on various artificial body part replacements.  Scroll all the way down that page.  Medical science is steamrolling ahead.

Bionic eyes could give you 3 times better vision than so called 20/20 perfect vision.

— A good short BBC video on the fight against aging, with an appearance by Aubrey de Grey.