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Fat or Bald?

Update: March 30, 2018

Final results were:

144 total votes

49 % preferred to be fat for life, but always have great hair.

51 % percent preferred to be bald for life, but always have the perfect weight.

I am very surprised at how close it was. Thanks to all those who voted.

I have started a poll (LINK HERE — and the content is also pasted at the bottom of this post) on Twitter and you can vote if you have an account on there. The goal of the poll is to determine what percent of people prefer being overweight to being bald (and vice versa) assuming that you have no option other than to suffer from at least one of those two conditions. Note that your response is anonymous on Twitter surveys and no-one, including me, can find out who is voting.

When you are 50 lbs overweight, in most cases that classifies as being obese due to your having a BMI of over 30. See here for the difference in definition between the words “overweight” and “obese”. Some very tall people can be 50 lbs over their ideal weight/BMI and still be considered as “just” overweight rather than obese.

Of course it is much much easier to lose weight than to gain hair. However, for a huge number of people, genetics plus metabolism disorders plus computer based sedentary work schedules often make it impossible to lose all the weight that they want to, and then keep it off. Similarly, some bald people just do not have a great head shape and skin type to make the bald appearance look that great. One of my balding relatives is still tormented by the fact that his very long ears and face were compared to the FA Cup when he was in high school. I doubt that he will ever shave it all off unless he gets otoplasty surgery first.

So to have the poll make logical sense, I added the respective assumptions at the end of each of the two answer choices below. Of course the first guy who commented to the poll Tweet ruined everything and said (or joked) that for him, 50 lbs overweight would be an improvement from his current state so the answer choice is very obvious!

Which option would you prefer?

A = Perfect hair till death, but 50 lbs overweight till death. Assume that nothing you try reduces the excess weight.

B = Bald till death, but ideal body weight till death. Assume that the bald look does not suit your face and skin type that well.

— Hairlosscure2020 (@HLcure2020) March 26, 2018

Which Future Hair Loss Treatments are you Optimistic About?

I was hoping to make a poll where users rank future hair loss cure related treatments from 1-20 in terms of their most favorite one to least favorite one, but the software did not allow for such a feature.

Cures for Hair Loss Coming Soon

If I ask everyone to just pick their top 1 choice from the below list, a couple of the options will probably dominate way too much. So to keep things interesting, please choose at a bare minimum 3 of the below treatments/companies that you are hopeful will:

  • At least be close to release by the end of 2020. For the CRISPR/gene modification option, you can pick it even if you think it will only be realized 10 plus years down the road.
  • In their final versions, be at least slightly more effective then the only two currently FDA approved hair loss treatments (Finasteride and Minoxidil).

You can search this blog for any of the below names or acronyms if you are uncertain. Or you can post your questions in the comments to this post.

Which of the below future hair loss cure treatments are you most optimistic about? Pick at least 3.

Update: I had to delete the poll in 2018 due to some plugin issues. The results of the poll are summarized below. I bolded the 4 options (Shiseido, Tsuji, Aclaris and Follica) that received the most votes.

Total responses = 4,778.

  • Aclaris Therapeutics (Topical JAK Inhibitors) = 531 (11.1%).
  • Allergan (Bimatoprost Topical Prostaglandin Analog ) = 71 (1.5%).
  • Allergan (Setipiprant Oral Prostaglandin Antagonist) = 104 (2.2%).
  • BiologicsMD (Topical Beta-Catenin Protein Stimulation) = 28 (0.6%).
  • Cassiopea (Formerly Cosmo Pharmaceuticals — Breezula Topical Antiandrogen) = 56 (1.2%).
  • Chinese Surprise (Somewhere in China Something Secretive is Happening) = 98 (2.1%).
  • CRISPR (or Other Gene Modification Based Treatments) = 187 (3.9%).
  • Fidia Pharma (Brotzu DGLA Based Lotion) = 226 (4.7%).
  • Follica (Skin Disruption Plus Topical Compounds) = 398 (8.3%).
  • Follicum (Hair Follicle Stimulation Drug) = 106 (2.2%).
  • HairClone (Relatively new Company with Experienced Staff) = 113 (2.4%).
  • Histogen (Hair Stimulating Complex Injectable) = 343 (7.2%).
  • Kerastem and Others (Adipose Tissue Injection Based Treatments) = 39 (0.8%).
  • L’Oreal and Others (3D Printed Implantable Hair) = 199 (4.2%).
  • Samumed (Topical Wnt Pathway Modulation) = 169 (3.5%).
  • Shiseido/Replicel (Autologous Cell Replication Therapy) = 932 (19.5%).
  • Takashi Tsuji/Kyocera/Organ Technologies/RIKEN (Hair Follicle Regeneration) = 715 (15.0%).
  • New Age Hair Transplants (Including Potential Donor Hair Regeneration like Dr. Gho Claims, Body Hair Use, PRP Addition, Using Someone Else’s Hair etc…) = 124 (2.6%).
  • One Hundred Percent Scalp DHT Inhibition (Better Delivery Topical Dutasteride, Technion University DHT-Inactivating Enzyme, RISUG Male Contraceptive etc…) = 135 (2.8%).
  • Others. There are numerous scientists who have made major discoveries related to hair loss in recent years, and many of them aim to start product development asap = 204 (4.3%).