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Brief Items of Interest, March 2015

The non-hair related medical/science updates are much more interesting and increasingly frequent as usual, but I will start off with news related to hair.

— An interesting paper (with Elaine Fuchs as a co-author) on how hair follicle stem cells have a strong sense of identity even after being taken out of their home in the hair follicle and then cultured. The Sox9 protein is the “pioneering factor” in all this.

— New treatment targeting interleukin-23 could be a break-through in the treatment of psoriasis.  Note that interleukin-6 has been associated with hair loss and I might have a post on that in the near future.

— Apparently, all brown eyes can be changed to blue eyes. I have brown ones and will only change them if they can figure how to make them green or golden.

— The world’s first penis transplant, if you discount an earlier one done in China a few years ago that was not entirely successful. Finding a donor is not so easy though. Video here.

— Below is an interesting new video of the biohacking movement and its dangers (if you have a DIYbio branch near you, probably worth at least a visit):

— Also see biohacking and DNA modification in someone’s home.  The era of synthetic biology scares and excites people at the same time.  One person will soon (if not already) be able to create highly destructive organisms if he/she so chooses.

Scientists warn against editing embryos.  More on “DNA Scissors” and CRISPR here.  A great new article on engineering the perfect baby.  I think a perfect baby is one that never poops or cries, but doubt that dream will be realized in the next 50 years.

— And finally, the coming age of senolytics.  I like to say “coming age of…” a lot these days, and it seems like I am far from the only one.  A great article was published last month on Novartis’s push for the first ever anti-aging pill.