Amazon Prime Day: Hair Loss Products and More

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Prime Day Logo
Prime Day is June 21-22, 2021.

Due to the loss of three key advertisers in 2021, I am creating a Prime Day post for the first time. My apologies. I hate putting obtrusive Google Ads everywhere.

What to do Before Amazon Prime Day

This year’s Amazon Prime Day begins at 12 AM PDT on Monday, June 21. It ends at 11:59 PM PDT on Tuesday, June 22.

  • You will need an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of the event. If you’re not a member, consider signing up for a free 30-day trial in order to participate in the sale. You can cancel your trial before the 30 days are up to avoid being charged. If you choose to renew instead, it can be done monthly or annually. If you have Prime membership, shipping is free.
  • You can save $10 on Prime Day when you spend $10 with a small business today.
  • Make sure to keep checking Amazon’s Prime Day homepage.
  • Also see today’s best deals.

Best Current Deals

I will update this section regularly. Feel free to suggest hair loss product related additions in the comments.

The iRestore laser is currently on sale at 40 percent off the usual price. At $419, this is now among the lowest priced LLLT devices in the market today. The even less expensive Lasercomb products are currently on sale at 15 percent off after coupon application.

Several years ago, I managed to purchase Rogaine Foam for a steep discount on Amazon Prime Day. Make sure to check this product out when the day is here. You can purchase both 1-can and 3-can varieties.

If you are microneedling to treat hair loss, make sure to check out those products too.

Epibiotech Hair Loss Cell Therapy

On May 10, reader Ben let us know that Stemore (South Korea) was renamed as Epibiotech. Since then, the new company has been in the news every week.

Epibiotech Hair Cell Multiplication
Epibiotech hair multiplication via dermal papilla cells. Source: Company website.

Epibiotech New Hair Loss Facility

  • On June 3rd 2021, Epibiotech and T&R Biotech announced a partnership to develop a hair loss treatment involving pluripotent stem cells. According to T&R Biotech’s CEO:

“Epibiotech’s dermal papilla cell differentiation technology and our pluripotent stem cell line will create a combination with high synergetic effect.”

  • On May 31, 2021, Epibiotech and its CEO Jong-Hyuk Sung announced the construction of a new production facility at its Songdo headquarters. This GMP facility will be used to produce “2,000 self-made dermal papilla cell therapy products annually”.

Epibiotech’s platform technology page is all over the place and a bit confusing. Note that CEO Jong Hyuk Sung is a professor at Yonsei University. This company was originally founded in 2015.

  • On April 30, 2021, Epibiotech signed an agreement with Professor Hyung-beom Kim of Yonsei University to develop a hair loss treatment using gene editing technology.

All of this seems a bit too fast and crazy.

However, as I outlined in my recent post on Han Bio, South Korea is becoming a world center for hair loss cure research. On par with the US and Japan if media articles are to be believed.

Renaming from Stemore

I e-mailed Epibiotech to inquire about their technology and their  May 1, 2021 renaming from Stemore. Below is part of the reply (with minor corrections) from Dr. Nahyun Choi, the company’s director of research:

“The name STEMORE, used previously, was based on a focus on research on hair loss using stem cells when the company was founded. However, our company is now researching and developing not only stem cells, but also various hair cells. This includes dermal papilla cells, and an expanded pipeline to low molecular substances and whitening agents. Therefore, the scope of the research and development was extended to hair and skin. So the company name was changed to Epibiotech after the foreword of epidermal cells.”

Epibiotech Pipeline

According to the company’s pipeline page, they are working on three hair loss products.

  1. The main focus is on EPI-001, the autologous dermal papilla hair cell therapy treatment. It is scheduled to enter Phase 3 clinical trials in 2024.
  2. The EPI-002 Ripk1 inhibiter (gel or ointment) will also enter Phase 3 trials in 2024.
  3. Finally, the EPI-003 oral PGD2 inhibitor product will finish Phase 2 clinical trials in early 2025.

Company Hair Loss Treatment Video