Hans van Montfort and his Esthecin Hair Loss Product

Out of the blue comes news that a new hair loss serum product is about to be released in the Netherlands this month or next month (sources vary). The product is called Esthecin, and it has been developed by 67 year old scientist Dr. Hans van Montfort. Thanks to reader “Marty” for first posting about this news in a comment.

Dr. Hans von Montfort

Dr. Montfort has been working on this product for around six years. It first started as a project because his daughter Esther suffered from sudden drastic hair loss after a trip to Thailand. I am guessing that his daughter might have suffered from Telogen Effluvium rather than female pattern hair loss.

Unfortunately, Dr. Montfort has only been able to test this product on his daughter, on eight other women, and on six men. Larger trials are too expensive for him.

Dr. Montfort owns a research institute called The Center for Integral Healthcare, also known as Van Montfort Laboratories.

His profile page on researchgate has a number of comments by him in relation to platelet-rich plasma and hair.

Esthecin’s Facebook page has links to recent articles about the product.

Esthecin has its own website with testimonial videos that I have not watched. The publications page also has summaries of several studies on there. According to the website’s home page:

Esthecin is a formula of natural ingredients, entirely of vegetable origin.

My scam radar is off the charts on this one, but the websites that are owned by Dr. Monfort seem reasonably professional. Much better than what we are used to seeing from new entrants in the hair loss industry.

Moreover, I have a soft spot for older people who are still trying hard to create new products and have the go-getter spirit despite having crossed retirement age. If I am ever conned, I prefer it being done by an older person than a younger person.

18th Meeting of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS)

While I was hoping to see more news on Twitter about the recently ended AHRS meeting in Orlando that I discussed in my last post, coverage has been sorely lacking.

In contrast, the European Hair Research Society’s 18th Annual Meeting in Italy is getting significantly more coverage. This conference only just started today, and will end on May 20th. Much more news is expected from there over the next several days.

Some highlights so far:

  • Dr. Ramon Grimalt from Spain posted the below interesting photo from a presentation by Dr. Yuliya Ovcharenko on Latanaprost and androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Note that Latanoprost is very closely related to Bimatoprost, which I have covered before. Both are prostamide F2α analogs.

Latanoprost and hair loss