PolarityTE’s SkinTE Grows Hair in Test Patient

I have covered PolarityTE (ticker symbol COOL) and its SkinTE product a number of times on this blog in the recent past. Make sure to read my original post about the company from last year.

The SkinTE product is meant to regenerate skin and help burn victims and others with damaged skin. However, there is also a potential application for a hair growth product down the road. For more on the latter, read the second half of my post from earlier this year.

PolarityTE has always maintained that its SkinTE product can regenerate damaged skin that also comes with new hair follicles. They even updated their site with this image of a balding head a few months ago. In addition to mentioning the potential future application of SkinTE to treat hair loss.

PolarityTE Gets Positive Feedback from Test Patient

Earlier today, I got an e-mail from PolarityTE with a link (now dead) to an update. Apparently, they recently tested the SkinTE product on a patient with major leg wounds from a motorcycle accident. The patient, named “Devon”, is extremely happy with the results. The money quote is below, with the key part in bold:

“My leg feels as close to normal skin as I can imagine, and there is even some hair growth. If I had to choose between SkinTE and another skin graft, I would choose SkinTE every time because it is actually working.”

If “Devon” is definitely not imagining things, this is extremely encouraging. Only one data point of course, but well worth a new post on my part.

As I have mentioned in the past, the PolarityTE team is composed of high quality experienced scientists who have decades of experience working in renowned plastic surgery centers. The company has few problems in getting new funding; has been expanding its facilities in Utah; and keeps getting great media coverage.

As if all the above is not enough, the SkinTE product represents an autologous therapy, which means that it will not require extensive clinical trials. In fact, it is already being used in various clinical settings from early adopters as this latest update mentions.

Follicum Phase 2 Trials Update

Update: Follicum Press Release from April 23. 50% recruitment for these Phase IIa clinical trials has been reached.

Sometimes, news items concerning major developments in the hair loss cure world suddenly bombard us like an incessant rainfall. This is certainly the case so far this month. Always a great feeling to get this type of drenching, but very time consuming! Earlier today, a commentator named “Camaro” notified us that Sweden based Follicum’s latest investor presentation from the BioStock conference was already available on youtube.

Although I just wrote a post earlier today, I decided to add this short one too since the below linked video presentation by Follicum is worth a watch. I have covered this company and its FOL-005 hair loss product many times on this blog in the past. My February post that discussed Follicum is worth a reread. Currently, FOL-005 is in Phase IIA clinical trials (in early March they announced that the first patient in these trials was just treated).

Once you click on the link, the below video will start right after company CEO Jan Alenfall arrives on stage. Some very interesting slides in the presentation, including one with the implication that, at best, this product will work slightly better than Minoxidil. Such an upfront declaration makes me trust the company more. The biggest news is that they are seeing a very high 75 percent successful response rate in initial results (Edit: Might have been referring to earlier trial results). They are testing out powder, cream and gel based topical formulations of FOL-005 in order to compound the best possible final topical product.

I am on Follicum’s mailing list and will add a link to the slides on here if they happen to send one.

Follicum Phase II Trials Presentation Video