Poietis: 3D and 4D Bioprinting of Skin and Hair

Poietis is a relatively small 25-employee France based company that is active in the 3D and 4D laser bioprinting  sector. The company only commenced operations in 2014 and its main current focus is in skin tissue laser-assisted bioprinting for regenerative medicine applications. Moreover, the printed tissues can also be used in preclinical research applications as well as in evaluating the efficacy of various cosmetic products.

While there are numerous companies active in the tissue bioprinting sector, Poietis is unique in its use of lasers to build the tissue. Other companies typically use an extrusion process in which bio-ink is pushed through a nozzle.

Note that “4D bioprinting” is the next generation process of 3D bioprinting. Per one simple definition of 4D bioprinting, time is integrated with 3D bioprinting as the fourth dimension. A more complex definition can be found here.

Partnerships with L’Oréal and BASF

I first briefly covered Poietis on this blog in 2016 after the formation of their partnership with French cosmetics behemoth L’Oréal in order to 3D bioprint hair follicles. At the time, this was major news and was even covered by the BBC. Below is an image from a recent 2017 presentation on 3D printed hair by Poietis’ CEO Mr. Fabien Guillemot. The image was taken from L’Oréal’s Twitter account, which is a good sign that both partners are still pursuing the hair printing angle.

Poietis-L'Oreal 3D Printed Hair Partnership.
Poietis-L’Oreal 3D Printed Hair Partnership.

Note that L’Oréal is also involved in a 3D printed skin tissue partnership with Organovo that I have covered on this blog in the past. And late last year, L’Oréal entered into a collaborative agreement with famous hair regeneration company Samumed in order to help develop the latter’s anti-wrinkle skin care topical product. And of course L’Oréal is working on a cure for grey hair too.

In 2017, Poietis attracted further attention after expanding upon its existing 2015 partnership with German chemical producing powerhouse BASF.

BASF and Poietis partnership.

The goal of this partnership is to further improve upon the 3D laser-assisted bioprinted skin models that the companies have co-developed since 2015. These models will aid in evaluating cosmetic ingredients for skin care applications as well as possibly lead to an end in animal testing.

Poietis in 2018

This week, commentator “sets” made me aware that Poietis has started the new year with a big announcement. Several days ago, the the company announced that it had now launched its Poieskin® laser-assisted bioprinted skin model. Sales will officially start in April 2018. More here. Poietis plans to significantly increase its employee total this year, and hopefully the company will have more to say about hair before the end of the year.

Prince William Shaves his Head

The global media loves to discuss celebrities and their hair, especially when the said hair is thinning or changing in appearance frequently. Since I first started this blog in 2013, the two celebrities who have probably been most frequently in the news due to their unique hair have been, in order of importance: 1) US President Donald Trump and 2) British Prince William. And this week was huge for both.

Right after I wrote my last post on US president Trump’s officially confirmed use of Finasteride to treat his hair loss, Prince William decided that he had had enough with my US-biased recent coverage. He therefore made a strong statement to upend Mr. Trump’s hair from the global news cycle and very easily succeeded this time around.

The below pictorial representation was the biggest story in the hair loss world yesterday and today. There are thousands of articles you can find about this story by now. The pictures represent a side effect free cure for hair loss that I always recommend above all else for those who are willing to go through with the deed.

It took this prince at least five or more years before going through with the decisive action.

Prince William Shaved Head Closeup

The Duke Of Cambridge Shaved Head Frontal

Prince William Shaved Head Side