Replicel CEO Lee Buckler Addresses us Directly

I have always assumed that Replicel probably gets a ton more questions on social media about its hair loss related work versus its tendon repair and skin generation related work. Nevertheless, I do not think that the company’s CEO Lee Buckler ever addressed us hair loss sufferers directly until today (thanks to commentator “ayush” for posting that link). The main point from the video address by Mr. Buckler –> earliest possible release of the company’s RCH-01 hair loss product is in 2018, and that is predicated upon successful clinical trial results from the company’s much larger Japanese partner Shiseido. I suspect that Mr. Buckler got tired of getting the same question over and over again about when they will release the hair loss product and finally decided to release this latest video. It seems like Replicel’s disagreement with Shiseido from last year is not hurting the two companies’ long-term collaboration.

Replicel and Mr. Buckler have been extremely busy in recent weeks. Just from the past week, you can read and listen to two new interviews from the CEO:

And there was also a detailed favorable report on Replicel in Zacks Investment Research two weeks ago as well a “brokered private placement” of common shares by the company.

Also make sure to read my January 2017 brief items of interest post’s first paragraph for more recent news on Replicel.

Donald Trump’s Physician Claims that the President Takes Finasteride

Donald Trump’s somewhat crazy (but still believable) long-time physician Dr. Harold Bornstein just claimed to the New York Times in several interviews that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Bornstein take Finasteride to tackle their hair loss problems. Mr. Bornstein claims that his own full head of hair as well as Mr. Trump’s full head of hair are a testament to the efficacy of Finasteride. Surprisingly, the article even mentions how Donald Trump’s prostate specific-antigen (PSA) levels were an extremely low 0.15 due to his taking Finasteride (a hair loss drug that was was originally developed to shrink enlarged prostates in men and in the process reduce PSA levels).

I try not to devote entire posts to celebrity news, but this particular development was significant enough to write about separately. It is very rare to see a story on Finasteride and hair loss in a major newspaper (except when it involves athletes who take the drug and get banned).

Mr. Trump almost certainly has had significant work done to cover his hair loss over the years according to numerous sources. The most in depth research and speculation covering that subject was in this impressive article from last year.

I hope one of Mr. Trump’s advisers tells him about Dutasteride in the near future. Perhaps he can then even get that drug finally approved in the US to treat hair loss. Especially considering this new initiative from the president.

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