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Link between hair cells and fat cells could lead to fat dissolving cream?!

Hair loss researchers have in recent years published a few studies related to the link between fat cells and hair cells.  Of course most of us are interested in the hair loss aspect of this research and not too concerned about the fat cells link.  However, excessive fat/obesity is now becoming as common as baldness in men, and is far more common than baldness in women.  Many obese people do not eat too much and are not lazy as often depicted in the media.   Rather, their genetics and hormonal makeup often makes it close to impossible for them to loose and keep too much weight off.  Even with best effort to exercise and limit caloric intake, some people will always be 50-100 pounds overweight.

It is therefore not surprising that the same pathways examined in prior hair loss related research are now being examined in order to potentially develop a blockbuster fat dissolving cream. Unfortunately, even if developed, such a cream would not aid in reducing the more dangerous excessive visceral fat around our essential organs. The fat that would be reduced is the less dangerous subcutaneous fat that is cosmetically distressing for a lot of people.

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